(*Ahem*) Me Me Me Meeeeeeeeeee!

The lovely and erudite Blog Antagonist has tagged me for an eight things meme. I love her, you should too.

The eight things meme goes as follows: enlighten us with eight newish things about yourselves, tag eight people to do the same. DONE!

Here I go:

1.) I used to don a bikini at a moment's notice. My only concern was that I didn't fill out the top as much as I would have liked. Now I actually have nightmares (literally, NIGHTMARES) that my post-baby abdomen is exposed in public.

2.) I've lost exact count, but my best estimate is that I've had 37 roommates; the male:female ration is close to 50:50.

3.) I procrastinate. A lot. I have been known to use a bathroom knowing it didn't have toilet paper because I figured I'd deal with that problem later.

4.) If my husband and I heading somewhere in a car, I always drive. Unless we will be:

5.) Driving on curvy mountain cliffs WITHOUT GUARDRAILS while on the outside lane (hugging the inside wall is fine for me). My hands are sweaty just thinking about it. I never want to go to South Lake Tahoe again, or to Yosemite for this reason. A mere six inches of shoulder being all that stands between me and plunging headlong into certain death just isn't comfortable.

6.) When my dad died, he was homeless. He lived out of his car, and died in the gutter next to which he was parked.

7.) I owe more in student loans that many do for their mortgages. It's insane and makes my stomach hurt.

8.) My husband and I have the same first name (well, we both go by Chris, but I am Christine and he is Christopher). I ended up taking his last name when we married (I had wanted him to take mine, but he won the coin toss), so now we have the same name. This is more convenient than you'd expect.

I tag: Stephanie, CM , A Child's Smile, My Minivan is Faster Than Yours, treadmillista, Jennifer, Krisco, Jennifer aka Binky Bitch, moosh in indy. What? That's nine? I didn't realize.


  1. Consider the tag taken.
    That's pretty intense about your dad.

  2. Thanks for the tag...I guess I posted this yesterday!

    Wow, sorry abot your Dad.

    Both of you are Chris'? Funny!

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  4. I was enjoying your list. Moved and laughing, but then I realized, "I think I was tagged!" Been awhile! thanks. I'm going to figure out what it means and how to deal with it right now!! Honored to be "hit and runned" by ya!


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