All we want is a pepsi, just one pepsi

There is someone I haven't told you about. I have a daughter who is twenty. I met her dad when she was five; I met her when she was six. The past couple of weeks for her have been laden with major decisions about the path her life will take. They have consumed me. And her.


I understand her like I understand few. She gets me as well. My FBNOML, which is the temporary pseudonym she and I concocted for here (first to figure out that acronym will win the prize of knocking my socks off, and I will give you the hint that there could be a comma after the "B"), and I can look at each other across the room and *know* what the other is thinking. We can have whole conversations without speaking a word.

FBNOML read my blog for the first time this weekend (and thrilled me to tears when she laughed out loud as she went through it). She had a blog years before I started my first; it would just be wrong for me to write about her in this forum without her being properly introduced.

My friends, this is FBNOML. FBNOML, this is my internet gang.


  1. How very cool for you. I feel a similar connection with my Mom, and I had always hoped to have a daughter with whim I could share that special bond. I do love my boys to bits, but there is just something really special about the mother/daughter dynamic.

    First born...something...of my life? I'll have to think about that some more.

    BTW...I have no idea why I haven't blog rolled you before now, but I'm doing it right now.

  2. Ding ding! "First born" is correct, but the rest needs work.

    *forgive me for the following ass-kissing* but I am honored to be rolled onto your blog.

  3. Anonymous1:09 AM

    first born not of my loins?
    just a stab in the dark.
    curious lurker from the "child side" fan club

  4. I've just read your blog for the first time and it's great. I've set it up for my yahoo alerts. I love the connection you have with her. My 14 year old and I have this type of connection, I hope to continue to always have this with her.


    Anonymous has it! Consider my socks OFF!

    First born not of my loins, that's what we came up with. Thanks for de-lurking.

    Doublees...if you do at 14, you will at 20! Thanks for the compliments; heading over your way next.

  6. For the record, my guess was TOTALLY going to be "first born not of my lineage" and then I thought, "no, I bet LOINS." So I was going to comment and I see that I was totally beat. Oh well. That's what I get for discovering you too late. Sigh.

    It sounds like a fascinating relationship.

  7. I don't think I would have ever guessed. So wonderful you have such a good relationship with her.

    Hello FBNOML. I wish you well with the decisions ahead.

  8. DAMMIT!!

    I SO was going to say first born not of my loins.

    I swear that I was.

    Welcome FBNOML.

    So very nice to meet you.


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