Appliance update

It was a quick fix this morning, getting my dishwashing machine operational again. A new thermal fuse and a measly $134.54 later I huddle up next to it (after the repair guy left, of course), listening to the wonderful sound of the arms spraying water against the stainless steel interior. I even called my husband to play it for him on speaker phone. I really did.

I let it run it's course, and when it shut off I scampered over to load it up. I'd saved the breakfast dishes for JUST THIS REASON. Upon opening the door I was greeted first by that fresh plume of steam (a mini facial to boot!)...and then the eye-popping sight of an inch or so of standing water. EEK! I looked at the control panel and sure enough. No lights. I called the repair place and told them that history has repeated itself, my washer has stopped mid-cycle and the control panel doesn't have power.

I'm thinking the thermal fuse keeps popping because the temp gets too hot...I don't know, but that's my guess. Makes sense to me. Soooooooooo, now, if that's the case, my heater or thermal regulator or something is off whack. This is what we wanted to avoid...spending too much on a unit (teehee, I said unit) that in the end would need more and more work, which you justify spending because you've already put in such-and-such dollars. I just didn't expect it would happen in one day.


  1. Unit!!!

    And how the hell do you even know about thermal fuses????

  2. Oh my gosh, I'd just go back to bed. I can't live in a world full of broken dishwashers. I just can't.


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