He held my hand the entire way to school this morning. My husband, my daughter and I were all there to see him off on this start of a new school year. We know the walk well; the kids always stop to touch the lamb's ear in a neighbor's garden and comment on it's softness, pet another neighbor's cat that always sits on their front porch, pluck a dandelion from the yard where they're always a sure thing. This is the fifth time we've we followed this path on the first day of a new school year; next year we'll be in a different home making today all the more bittersweet. We won't be walking our son to fifth grade along this familiar route, nor our daughter to Kindergarten. We'll be driving from another part of town.

But for today, I'm just thankful that my boy held my hand, gave me a big hug in front of his friends, told me he loved me and flashed a huge smile before he ran off to the playground.

That's his hand in the above photo, cradled in my husband's. I took it when he was six weeks old.


  1. Awww, that's so beautiful. Love the photo....

  2. I am always touched by a parent sentimentality on the first day of school. My daughter starts wee-school on tuesday and I am sooooo excited. I am such a mushy mama....so we'll see how I survive. :)
    Lovely photograph.


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