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I'm just too exhausted. This past week has been a whirlwind to say the least. Seven (or was it eight?) days ago we weren't planning on selling this house. Today it's officially on the market and our Realtor held an open house. He's been in the biz for years, is a close friend of the family, and knows his stuff. He was pretty ambivalent about holding an open house and left the decision up to us. His take is that they tend to be more about agents gathering clients looking to buy than actually selling the listing. I said I didn't care if he had an open house or not...he responded it doesn't hurt and as long as we were cool with the inconvenience he'd do it.

We whipped this house into shape like you wouldn't believe. Happily, we didn't have to go nuts on staging; we just had to straighten closets and pantries and cabinets and the like. Our friend/Realtor power washed the exterior, hired someone to clean the windows, someone else to touch-up paint (and paint over a very funky and fun but dark bedroom), and someone else to clean the carpets. We've also started the inspection process to speed up any potential sale along.

We did go a bit nuts on the landscaping...took down the NEW TRAMPOLINE, rearranged furniture, placed some cheesy place setting in various outdoor seating areas. Thankfully one of my best friends helped me (and honestly the fact that her husband is our Realtor didn't make her work any harder...she's just a gem) and that made a world of difference. She does staging (I have in the past as well) so between the two of us we knocked some serious shit out.

I am so fucking tired.

So today was the open house. It seems it went rockin'...his best ever. Crazy traffic. Some seemingly interested parties. We shall see.

The most interested couple had one concern. Our home, while only 4.5 years old, backs up to a mature neighborhood...a hoity-toity (I must be tired if I just used that phrase) golf course country club neighborhood at that. For me that was a HUGE bonus. They have mature landscaping and are all ranches (ramblers they call them here...one story, people) so it is far more private than you generally find in a new(er) construction.

But that hoity-toity golf course country club community (whose homes sell, by the way, for 100K plus more than any other place in our little college town) was built back in the day before underground power lines. So along the back of their lot line are strung old-fashioned above ground power lines.

The problem isn't that they are an eyesore...along the back of our lot line is a row of seventy-five or so year-old gorgeous oak trees that blend into the trees and large shrubs in the yard behind us on the other side of the fence. The power lines are hardly visible.

They are afraid of the health ramifications. These aren't humongous lines...just little neighborhood ones, and at the end of a street as well. As someone who sits in front of a computer all day...well, I'm not wasting too much sleep worrying about electricity.


My Realtor called just as I was finishing the last sentence. These people are very interested, just worrying about the power lines. It seems it is a Feng Shui concern for them as much as anything else. THAT I get (and I'm not being sarcastic). Seriously, as much as I love this house it hasn't been good for our financial situation AT ALL.

Maybe it's those power lines draining our financial juju.

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