Well, crap

One potential interested party in this house is all hung up on the nearly invisible power lines in the yard behind ours(not literally, but I have had visions).

The other wants to chop down the seventy-five year old oak trees to put in a swimming pool. City protected seventy-five year old oak trees.

So much for our bidding war.


  1. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Not bad for a first day of showing!! Not bad at all!! You have at least 2 interested parties. Now you get them going. They both want the house. Betcha.

  2. Have you buried St. Joseph in your yard upside-down yet?

    That will keep anyone from wanting to cut down your trees. Scandalous!

    You'll find the right buyer. I agree...two interested already is great!

  3. I love giraffes! Love them, love them, love them. Can I pimp that picture?

    Also, whoo-hoo I'm on the 'roll.

    You made the Friends-of-Fussy roll, baby!

    I had quite a chuckle at the name of the blog right below mine. I gotta check that out! Hee-hee...

  4. Your phot is on my pimped photo. blog. You can get to it thru my latest posting, or here....

    It is also posted on clipmarks.com under my folder- Fussypants. Maybe you'll bet some hits from that great photo. I ~heart~ clipmarks, too!

    :) Alli


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