Blogging and friendships and networking, oh my!

Blogging to me started out as a way for me to organize my thoughts and put my writing out there...I've always had journals, I've always written, but I'd never shared them before. This blog came about once I was ready to share...scared to put myself out there, but ready for the challenge. Sometimes my posts are like this one, just blathering about stuff. Other times I'm feeling a bit more introspective, and my posts reflect that. No matter what, each and every time I hit that 'publish post' button I feel vulnerable. I'm putting ME out THERE.

It's been amazing. I had no idea how many friends I'd make with the push of that button, real friends. It's not about my Technorati score, it's not about how many comments per day I get (although I do love them, of course, and the more the merrier!!!), or emails from readers, Google rank, or what my stats are per my counter. It's about connecting. Sure scores and rankings and comments and whatnot are an indication of that connecting...but they don't reflect the depth of friendships made, and that's what I'm finding I love about this blogging world. REAL connections, not stats.

You've perhaps heard the buzz about cre8Buzz (Novembrance termed it "Facebook for grownups"...couldn't have said it better myself). I've mentioned them once before (because they allow images of moms breastfeeding!). Over the past few months this social networking site has also become a place where I 'get together' with some of the friends I've made here, and a place where I've made new friends. It's also been a place where I've connected with photographers around the world, which has been indescribably inspiring. I've even started a monthly photo assignment, where over the course of a week members of the photo community (and moms community, and women's community, and others!) take photographs on a specific theme and then we share our images. Cre8Buzz is going live tomorrow...participation is still by invite only (I have invites, so let me know if you're interested) but will be viewable by anyone. I'm thrilled and honored to have been a beta user (thank you Suburban Oblivion for the invite), and excited to see what the future holds. Stop by tomorrow, surf around the profiles and communities. You can start with mine!

P.S.: Thought I'd cozy up the joint for autumn.


  1. G'day from Australia, Christine,

    Thanks for the visit and the lovely comment. I've replied to you on my blog (it's Sunday morning here in Oz!!)

    You're so right about blogging being a way of putting ``me'' out there - butthe best editorial advice I can give you is that you control how much of yourself you share with us.

    Bloggers are a very welcoming community - and repeat visitors are simply people who identify with you and your message.

    Welcome aboard

    Keep smiling


  2. Antman6:22 PM

    Dang girl, you know how to give some good love. Thanks for the slammin post! We're like Avis: We try harder! Glad to know ya havin fun, we like to know ya'll are havin fun!

  3. Hey Christine great to have you on board with our ABC Wednesday.
    We are just going out on our motorbike....and I am looking for something beginning with "L"


  4. I was just writing an article about that moment after I push "publish post". so true. It can come back and haunt me later in the day too. and now i'm feeling really raw because of david's comment! I've never been good at editing (my emotions in particular.)
    as for friends, I count you as my first here in interworld.........
    And it gets better with each click!
    ps. I've been really enjoying your photos as much as your writing...!

  5. Great post - I feel bad that I haven't done a cr8buzz post yet!

  6. Blogging can be a slippery slope. I want to "get real" but since it's so personal, I have to be careful about writing too much about the people in my life! (feelings can get hurt..you know the deal.) I've been doing my blog for about 6 weeks and I absolutely love putting my self out there.

    I am very interested in cr8buzz. Would you send me an invite? jillyou@comcast.net

    Thanks-love your blog.

  7. It's funny, I had a post on this same day about how my "imaginary friends" from the internet are very real to me. :)

  8. I'm right there with you. I had no idea what I found find on blogs, and only had a vague impression of college students putting their diaries online. Wrong.

    And, god forbid, the idea of a "mommy blog,"--shame on me for what I thought those would be like. Wrong again. (But, in my defense, that term does no justice to the blogs I read by women who are also mothers.)

  9. It is a wonderful world, isn't it?

  10. I posted not long ago about my "real" virtual friends.

    cre8Buzz! That's where I know you from. Off to befriend you.


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