Does this blog make my butt look big?

I usually hate sitting. You can generally find me standing, putzing around my kitchen, hauling laundry, getting kids in and out of the car...you know, the stuff we do. I don't even watch TV sitting down. I stand at a counter and listen to music or the radio and multitask.

When I'm not sitting, I'm probably lying down, or at least reclining. I read while horizontal. Play with the kids sprawled along the couch or on the floor (but more likely walking around doing something). Maybe it's a function of poor posture, but sitting just isn't comfortable enough for me to pick it over standing or laying around.

BUT then this blogging thing happened to me...I started delving into this wondrous blogosphere and needless to say, I was hooked. The thing is, my laptop isn't wireless here at home. So I sit here reading. SIT here reading. Then I started my own blog, and I sit here writing. SIT here writing.

See where this is going? I've been sitting on this ass of mine, and you know what? I now understand what that gross term Secretary Spread means. I've gained weight because I've been sitting on my ASS. Which has gotten wider and puffier as a result of my newly adopted stationary status (no, I'm sure it isn't the inconsistent exercising and lack of willpower about all things savory and Cabernet Sauvignonish).

So...I've joined the lovely Mrs. Flinger's challenge...weight loss war. I am gonna win the cashola, beotches really looking forward to this opportunity to encourage each other on our weight loss goals. Honestly, I am. Because I might give up red wine (as if) but I'm not giving up blogging.


  1. I'm gonna check it out.
    I was watching Larry King (but with Joy Behar) and there is a new diet a la atkins that seems to be all the rage. But I think I'll try the flinger lookin good approach.

  2. I should probably check it out, too!! Good luck with it... and so glad it's not going to keep you from your blog! I like reading it! :)

  3. What means "putzing"?

  4. Ug, I SOOOOO wanted to do it. I just know that if I have a colicky 2 month old in my care for TWO of those weeks? You know, the colicky where you never sleep and are desperate enough to scoop chunky peanut butter out of the jar with a Hershey bar as a spoon for sheer survival??!?!!!

    I would be screwed.

    Good luck, though!


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