YAY Boobs!

Since we're in the midst of packing for our move, I couldn't get my hands on a photo of me nursing.

Because I know what it feels like to feel embarrassment to nurse your baby, not to mention shame nursing your toddler. When I had my son nearly ten years ago, I had people start asking me when he was six weeks old if I was thinking about weaning. Ummmm...no, just getting the hang of this breastfeeding thing. Those same people (and others) were horrified that I made it to a year, and stopped asking me when I was going to wean once he hit two. I was thankful; I didn't want to have that discussion anymore than they did.

So when I had my daughter, the whole issue of breastfeeding was no longer secretive to me; imagine that! I wasn't ashamed of using these breasts for their biological purpose! Woohoo! After years of unselfconsciously prancing about in bikinis and tight braless tees, not to mention the occasional topless beach or private lagoon skinny-dip, I was finally not afraid to lift my shirt and pop on my babe.

This video is from the League of Maternal Justice, prepare to be moved; bring out the hankies or breast pads to wipe dry your eyes.


  1. Can't watch the video yet. My audio is off...D'oh! Mr. Smartypants will fix this tonight.

    About BOOBIES (who doesn't love to say boobies?)

    The questions NEVER end....How long? Why? Are you still?

    Now that I'm preggers again & still ~~~the horror!~~~nursing Cheeky Monkey (14 months)the older generation is horrified.

    Can I say it again?
    Yay, Boobies!

  2. I also felt like an oddball since I nursed so long with the first. And those different feelings with #2 really resonated with me as well.

    But now that this one is still going strong (2 yrs. next month, and #1 stopped at 18 mo.) I'm starting to feel weird when I have to "admit" I'm still nursing. Not proud of feeling weird, but I do. I don't talk about it unless I have to. Is that copping out?

  3. Yay boobs!I'm proud to say my boob and baby made the video.I don't know how anyone can call breastfeeding weird or obscene after watching that video.

  4. I nurse daughter #1 until she was 18 months and #2 until she was 2. I had to do it in private because around here most people nurse for about 8 weeks tops.

    My 4 year old still grabs for the boob whenever she needs comfort. I'll bet she would still nurse if I let her.

    So sad.

    P.S. I actually had a friend's boyfriend ask me to go elsewhere when I was nursing my infant daughter in my own living room The nerve!!!

  5. Aw! Thanks for this post. Yay for boobies!!

    And really, when will people mind their own business??? Sheesh!

  6. Anonymous6:53 PM

    A couple words came to me as I watched the video - love, innocence. It amazes me that the people who proclaim their society to be evolved, "first world" (particularly the US and Canada) have such profound problems such as breastfeeding. What messages are we sending to the babies, our future generation, by our actions and thoughts. Certainly makes me question which is the more evolved society and the criteria used to assess that. I suppose it is a reflection of the priorities of the shallow society.
    I think it is time people take responsibility for their emotions as opposed to seeking a villain to blame them on.
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  7. Anonymous11:59 AM

    you need to show more boobs


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