Hello mirror, it's me, Christine

I was looking in the mirror the other day and realized that it was the first time I'd done so in a long time. Oh, sure I give myself a precursory glance several times a day...but it's been a while since I really looked at myself.

I used to be known for being a bit, well...vain. I paid attention to my my hair, my clothes, my face, my body. Not that I was "fancy," mind you; I just spent time on myself and wanted to look good. Looking good made me feel good. I never left the house without showering and throwing on some makeup (the bare minimum was eyebrow pencil, mascara, lipstick, blush). My clothes were casual but hip, and my shoes. Sigh...the shoes. And my mom and husband could attest to the fact that my concern over hair color and style bordered on the obsessive (when you've got fine, straight hair like mine it NEEDS attention).

When did that stop? Sadly, I don't know...was it a gradual thing? Or did I slowly stop paying attention to one thing, then another, then another, till I turned into the me I am today? I can't believe I don't know the answer to that question. I do know most days now I simply throw my hair into a pony, squeeze my body into a velour track suit or something (sorry Fussy), brush my teeth and wash my face, and run out the door. Where am I? This isn't me.

It's been ages since I had a beauty regime. I am lucky if I wash my face twice a day. Where are all the little bottles that used to line my bathroom shelves? I miss them. The cleansers and toners and exfoliators and wrinkle creams and hydrators and skin rejuvinators and moisturizers moisturizers MOISTURIZERS.

I'm done with the frump. I'm taking back my high maintenance self. This month is chock full of changes (moving) and vows to find my soul again (NaBloPoMo and NanoWriMo most notably) and getting in shape again (Mrs. Flinger's Weight Loss Wars). I'm going to start staring at my face in the mirror, examining pores, wondering it that is a new wrinkle, plucking errant hairs and experimenting with new products.

P.S.: Thanks Slackermommy for the motivation.


  1. Rock on sister! I know that when I'm taking care of myself and feel good about how I look makes me much nicer. My husband practically shoos me out the door when I get my nails done because he knows I'll come back in a great mood.

  2. You could be in my head with this one...

    When my hair looks good, my clothes are good, I'm all polished up, I just feel organized, and I really feel like it helps everything else run smoothly. Now, no one's going to think I stepped off of a magazine cover or anything, but it's about self perception anyway. (Or this is an elaborate excuse for terrible vanity...)

  3. I know what you're saying. I looked in the mirror a few days ago and was shocked at how tired I looked. Then I realized I wasn't wearing ANY makeup! Even the most beautiful Hollywood stars need a little makeup at the age of 42. Sooo, I threw on some mascara and blush and brushed a little cover up under the eyes. Wow-what a difference.

    I do have two pretty big lines across my forehead and my husband gave me clearance for Botox in December. I'll keep you posted on that adventure!


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