A partial list of things for which I have forgiven myself this week:

1.) Skipping last night's parent education class at my daughter's preschool.
2.) Spending a bit of time online while I'm at this old house instead of packing and filling the car with loads of crap stuff we've still got here.
3.) Totally blowing off NaNoWriMo
4.) Not commenting on other blogs as I can hardly find the time to write anything for my own this week (I hope the internets forgive me as well) and I'm sure not flaking on NaBloPoMo.
5.) Eating fast food and pizza the majority of meals because because moving sucks and I can't think about cooking.
6.) Letting my kids watch more TV than is probably good for them.
7.) Knowing my daughter has a poopy pull-up right now and yet I'm finishing this list before I change it.
8.) Yelling at my kids for minor infractions BECAUSE MOVING SUCKS.
9.) Not going over my son's report card with him because we can't seem to find five minutes to sit down together. I've talked to him about how it rocked, but he has yet to see it.
10.) I don't even know where that report card is.


  1. You are forgiven by all BECAUSE MOVING SUCKS! (Believe me I know)

  2. Moving is the pits! I am amazed that you are still with us.

  3. OH, Honey, I could've written that list!
    About the TV overload- I say that too much TV is better than flipping out on the kiddos.
    And, Ugh, a parent education class at her preschool. Wha-what? Dude, keep blowing that one off!
    Tell them that Mrs Fussypants made you!


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