I can't believe that no one called me...

...on the fact that I posted an ABC Wednesday photo on Tuesday. I'm still so discombobulated from the move and the days off my husband took therein, not to mention his four day holiday weekend that followed soon after at the end of the week off the kids had, and my mom is visiting so it still feels like a vacation. I thought all day yesterday was Wednesday. When I woke up this morning it felt like Groundhog Day...one of my first thoughts was, "D'OH! I posted a Wednesday post on a Tuesday (how sad is it that one of my first thoughts was about blogging. Similarly, am I the only one who dreams of the bloggy world?).

It worked out well, though. I documented the installation of our new dining room chandelier, and that's what's at the heart of me blogging anyway...documenting our everyday lives.


Along with this and this , I've got a new pet project. This one is wiping OUT the response, "No problem" to "Thank you."

When we first moved to CA from the midwest my husband and I were both struck by how odd it is that hardly anyone here says, "You're welcome." Because I'll tell you what, "No problem" just doesn't feel as gracious as, "You're welcome," at least not to this Midwestern transplant. The crazy thing is I've been hearing myself say, "No problem" recently.

So my mission (and yours, if you chose to accept it) is to skew the scales in the opposite direction. From now on, when someone says, "Thank you," I'm going to respond, "My pleasure!" Imagine someone saying that to you in response to an everyday gesture.

You're holding open a door for a stranger whose arms are laden with packages and they say, "Thank you."

"My pleasure!" That's just sweet.


  1. I'm trying to remember where I know this from.... there's a company out there that "requires" their employees to say that. It's not one I worked for, but one I had decent exposure to... dang, if I remember I'll come back.
    The point being that they were forcing their employees to say it and it was just well, forced. And annoying.
    But I know that's not what you mean by it! ;)

  2. Krista, that would be the Ritz-Carlton (which I was about to mention before seeing your comment!). I always think of my wedding (reception was at the Ritz!) when someone response "My pleasure." That, and my former secretary in DC. She was awesome, and she really meant it -- she loved being helpful. I miss her!

  3. All day long, I've been trying to remember what day it is.

    So your pictures on a certain day--yeah, not so much an issue. :)

  4. My pet peeve is when teenagerish cashiers tell me to "Have a good one." Have a good what???

  5. Hi there ... I'm just reading through your archives so I can come up with some good interview questions. On of my mother in laws biggest pet peeves is when people respond "No Problem". Until today, she is the only one I knew it bugged ;)


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