Pavement Along Scorched Roadside - ABC Wednesday...brought to you by the letter "P"

I'm in Northern California, and obviously this year's fire season wasn't nearly as scary and life-altering as Southern California's. I'm not sure if this roadside fire was a planned burn or not; either way I found the contrast between the burnt dry fuel and the fields beyond striking.


  1. I like the separation of colors on this shot. Good composition.


  2. Heya,
    That is a great photo, I don't know about you but whenever I see land burned like that I just get this really eerie feeling.

    Not sure why. Love the foto tho.

  3. Hi Christine, I've watched the devastation via Fox News but it's kind of quiet and eerie to see the aftermath of a raging fire. You'd think the intense heat would have cracked the cement. Very unusual 'P' - well done.

  4. You're right. The contrasting colors and curve in the road sure makes the shot amazing. Good catch on your part.

  5. The contrast is quite startling!
    The colours, though dramatically formed are outstandingly intense.

  6. Very interesting picture! Wow!

  7. A good contribution to the P theme - it kinda looks as if this was maybe a planned burn like they do on the moors over here but it is so easy for these things to get out of hand with distrastous results as seen recently in Tenerife, Greece and New South Wales.


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