Some friendly moving advice

Today I learned that it is NOT a good idea to move while PMS'ing big time. If that is unavoidable, do NOT listen to music that you haven't heard for years and makes you all nostalgic. If you accidentally do that, please don't stand in what is about to be your ex-kitchen pantry and look at the home-made growth chart on the door jam...because you have to leave behind the series of colorful lines that have documented your children's heights for the past several years. If that does happen, make sure you close the pantry door and sob quietly so your children don't get freaked out by mommy weeping inconsolably.


  1. Oh no...poor you. For reals. Even though I hate my house, it will be hard to leave the memories behind. It's the only home my children have ever known. Hugs all around.

  2. It is those memories that are hard to leave behind, even without PMS. The thing that I was the most sad at leaving was a tree that we got as a wedding present. And each year as Violet went off to school we took a picture of her and the tree getting bigger.

    Is there a way to reproduce the growth chart? Sheets of paper? So you can take it with you?

  3. That has got to be so tough. I'm sorry :(

  4. Um, I took the door jam with me.

    And a door.

    Hugs to you from across the way.

  5. Being that we move just about every 4 years I have never done the door jam charting, I regret that I havent. I dont know if I could handle having to leave it behind. Heck I dont even want to leave my damn plants. Your almost there, almost done and have tons of memories ahead of you. As for PMSing, it makes everything crappy. I cant imagine what I would be like moving during that time.

  6. I'm so sorry. Sounds like it's really tough. If we ever get to move, as much as I'd be happy, it would be sad to leave this place we've made our home.


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