Eeerrm, uh...ABC Wednesday brought to you by the *correct* next letter in the alphabet, plus a make-up

Yes, in the bloggy version of a failed roadside sobriety test, last week I went backwards in the alphabet and brought you a second "R." Apparently, in my world, one "R" photo just isn't sufficient. I'd like to present you with a reasonable excuse, like I was drunk or unfamiliar with the English alphabet, but I'm as stymied as you. So, here are my "T" and "U" photos. I should be caught up now.

Toledo, Spain

Urn Base (this was taken at the San Fransisco Zoo):

And in more photo news, I am planning a new Friday photo tutorial series...more information later!

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  1. Wow-you are ambitious (and talented!)

    Yes, Boopsie is my mom. She started her own blog and she's mad no one comments on it!!


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