Happy Festivus!!! Air your grievances here!

Yes, technically a day late, but as of now no-one has wrestled me my husband to the floor so it continues. Plus the date is pretty flexible; and what a wonderful thing for a procrastinator THAT is.

I thought in this holiday season full of joy and wonder and gratitude and good will towards men and all things sparkly and glowing, it might be nice to interject some good old fashioned bitterness and disappointment and jadedness. To that end, let's all do some airing of grievances! I'll start:

I'm sick of the overuse and misuse of the word "deserve."
There is an radio commercial that runs on local radio stations by some Bankruptcy Lawyers that repeatedly state, "Get the credit you deserve." Ummmmmm...I think they have the credit they deserve. They deserve to have sucky credit because they spent more than they earned...maxed out their credit cards and lived beyond their means. That's the credit they deserve. I should know, I have the credit I deserve and it isn't pretty.

Maybe it's because of the holiday season in combination with the election cycle, but I can't seem to turn around without hearing about something someone deserves.

"Get her the diamond she deserves."

"You deserve higher wages!"

"You deserve to drive in luxury!"

"We deserve it!"

"You deserve MORE!"

"You deserve BETTER!"

If everyone deserves everything isn't that the same thing as saying no-one deserves anything?


Sshhhhh...go ahead, take a break from your holiday optimism and air your grievances here. You deserve it!


  1. there are some local attorney and SSI commercials around here that drive me nuts for that same reason.

    One of them even implies an easy way to get rich is to have a bad accident.


    and yeah, I deserve my sucky credit too.

  2. Commericals that show the worst plastic garbage with neop lights, sound effects and kids acting like it is. the. best. thing. ever.

    I've taught my boys all the advert. tricks. Even they are annoyed with them all.

    I never saw that Seinfeld. I thought I had seen them all!

  3. People in restaurants or at family gatherings who spend a good deal of the time text messaging other people and tuning out their companions. No one in our family does it (yet), but rest assured when my two get that age, I will be banning cell phone usage at the table or at family parties.

    Part of attending family gatherings may be wishing you were elsewhere ;) but I simply find that habit to be intolerable to witness, even if they aren't my relatives.

  4. My grievance is that Jerry Seinfeld felt he had enough money to stop making the show that we loved. Did he not consider how the rest of us would feel?


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