Just added a paypal widget to my sidebar...

...and cannot seem to delete the *sample* photo provided by widget manufacturers. So, buyer beware, sweater samples and cards with hearts on them are not tucked into my calender. Sorry.

Just deleted the widget...it is NOT working properly. No worries to those wonderful lovelies of you who ordered a calender, it will still be receiving one, of course! Should be there late next week!!!


  1. Looks great. Did you email paypal about the sample?

    Also, show of that beautiful peacock picture from Ireland! ;)

    Hey Readers -can ya' tell I bought the calender?

    It is lovely!

  2. I'm going to need a calendar for next year. Yup, I sure am. And, I'm all about supporting a wonderful blogger and fellow independant artist.

    Rock on lady ;)

  3. I already loved you, sarcasta-mom...but wow, how sweet are you? Thank you a million times over; it's people like you who remind me how beautiful this world (bloggy and otherwise) is.


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