This blogger is in desperate need of assistance

I just found this blog and am sooooooooooooo addicted; I'm reading through the archives (shhhhh...don't tell my auction co-chair who is sitting in the next room as she thinks I'm working on auction stuff). It's a blog told from the perspective of a fetus/newborn who thinks it's a been abducted and held prisoner...first in the womb then, after escaping that cell, in fluffy blankies.

It's hysterical and totally unique. I mean, please join me in my quest to free this blogger from it's captors that hover incessantly and force it to watch spinning dangly things.


  1. In my reader now. As if I need another blog in my reader! ;)

  2. Yes! Finally! Someone who seems like she knows what is going on. Tell me, do you know more information on my circumstances? You state that I am a fetus/newborn - Are you positive on this assumption? I just researched online and they do not appear to be anything like me. Your insight may be beneficial.

  3. It was totally funny, I agree.
    I added it. (She bagged some pretty swell bloggie readers today. True story)


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