So, what is that widget over there, anywho???

Telling It Like It Is has tagged me! It's meme that is connected to Entrecard, a social networking site that has a really unique and fun twist...when you join Entrecard, you create your own virtual business card. So as you cruise around visiting blogs, you can drop your card to say, "Hi!" with a quick click. You can also promote your own blog by placing your widget on their blog by using Entrecard credits; they are easily accumulated as you do what you do anyway...visiting your fave blogs.

Anyway, back to the meme...

Best Value By Widget Meme Rules:

* Link back to this post so people will know where the Meme came from and who tagged you. (No, I did not make up these rules).
* Link to each of the blogs listed on your Best Value By Widget stats page. Once you’ve linked to them, send them a message to let them know they have been tagged. (Of course, if they use Google Alerts or something like it, this step may not even be necessary).
* Go through each of the blogs you link to and stumble, digg, sphinn, zoom, or any other means to help bring them traffic. It is also recommended to favorite them on Technorati.
* Visit each of the sites listed in the meme, and offer up some social media love taps.
* If only half of these rules are followed, it will still help bring well-deserved traffic to these blogs.

Here are my best value widgets:

Table for Five
Looking towards Heaven (Karla is a special bloggy buddy of mine; I was thrilled to place my first Entrecard widget on her blog!)
Stream of Conciousness of a Wife and Mom
Posh Mama
Comfort Joy Designs

I'm super selective about whose blog I advertise on...these blogs are ALL worth checking out, to say the lease. And when you see someone advertising on my Entrecard widget, rest assured that I have thoroughly screened them before approving their ad. I reject far more than I approve...I'm a beyotch that way.


  1. squeee!! how fun to see my name right there in that post!

    I think I understand what I'm supposed to do...

  2. Thank you!! It's been amazing to see how fast Entrecard has taken off. I've also found some great blogs through it that I never knew about.

    I'll do the meme!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad to be in the 5. I joined Entrecard not exactly sure what it was supposed to be all about, but have learned and have grown from it. It's been awesome!


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