Stand off: Weitzman vs. Cody

Dear Mr. Weitzman,

I will take your pretty diamond encrusted shoes. I think Diablo Cody is insane. Does she not know how comfy your shoes are? I do...and I have wide feet that don't usually feel good or look good in strappy heals. But I do in yours!

Plus, Stuart (can I call you Stuart?), let me assure you that I did catch her story change. At first she said she didn't realize that she would be the center of attention when she accepted your shoes, that it wasn't explained to her the degree to which she'd be highlighted. NOW she says you never even asked her. Totally different thing!

I'd like to be on the record and state that you may, at any time, give me shoes without specific consent. I guess that statement is itself specific consent, but I think you know what I'm trying to say. You know, I'm thinking that catering to bloggers is a FABulous idea as you could be the first high end shoe dude to endorse bloggers and thus throw you support our way. Unlike Target who dissed us.

I promise, I'll wear them to BlogHer.



  1. She seriously is insane. And more than just because of the shoes. And Juno is incredibly too precious for her to be likeable. So put on the damn shoes!

  2. I was afraid she was insane when I saw what she was wearing, but NOT wearing the shoes...the beautiful, beautiful, SW shoes...that confirms it (along with a doctor's diagnosis). She should seek treatment ASAP

  3. She absolutely needs to seek treatment. How could someone turn down SW shoes? Really?!!!
    I saw her and couldn't figure out who she was, then I heard this story and realized she was just a nutcase.
    I'm with you. Support bloggers. We're better!!


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