Peep of the Week

I'm copying joining Loralee in her Peep of the Week where she highlights a particularly fabulous commenter.

And it's funny, because today is Easter, and, you know...Peep! Peep! Easter chicks and whatnot. But it's not THAT type of peep, it's peep like the cool kids say, like, "Have your peeps call my peeps and we'll do lunch." Or something like that.

It's also ironic because this, my first peep of the week, has a flipping hysterical peep show pic on her blog for today. I only wish I'd been wise enough to post it when FBNOML sent it to me. My peep is funny AND wise. Word.

Who is this wise and funny and master commenter? Hair Girl of My Life Behind the Chair commented on my post about how I crashed my car just enough to not jack up the driver's side door.

I am so sorry! At least the door is closed. Now you have a choice- you can either climb across the seat or pull a "Dukes of Hazzard" and go through the window.
I can laugh with you because I have been there (both the door and the broke.) I hit (or reversed) into a pole at a drive thru backing up to get the money that the girl dropped. My husband said I was a bad driver and made me slide across for 2 weeks to prove a point.

This comment made my husband laugh so hard he had to explain to our nine-year old all about the Dukes of Hazzard. So not only was this comment just plain funny, it was educational, as no child of my hubby won't be well versed in pop culture trivia.

Thanks, Hair Girl.


  1. Thanks!
    I love that I am your "Peep of the week". I have saved that email for weeks to post for Easter.
    How's your car? Are your 2 weeks probation up yet?

  2. That is seriously funny.

  3. I'm so glad you played along this week! I love that comment, it SLAYED me. (My mom used to get after me for climbing ikn through the windows of our car during my Dukes of Hazzard phase)

    Thanks for the linky love. You are pretty darned swell.


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