Destroy Words

My four year-old is soooo post-modern.

Earlier today I was on my elliptical, and my four year-old daughter kept asking me how to spell the words "destroy" and "words." She was playing on Word Paint, and frankly I was getting a bit annoyed having to spell and respell the same words over and over.

Hours later, I found this on my laptop screen:

See what she did there? She destroyed words. Including the words "destroy words."

In the words of a former filibusterous acquaintance (who unendingly bragged about how advanced her children were, but would cut you off and roll her eyes when you mentioned the fact that your kid, oh I don't know, stopped eating their own boogers), "Oh, Chris, I'm sure your kid is a genius."

(She still eats her boogers. I'm proud of that, too.)


  1. Wow! That is art and words. What a statement she was making. Maybe the boogers are an artistic expression as well?

  2. I'm sure that my kids would like to destroy a lot of the words on my laptop as well!

  3. That is some serious post-modern concrete deconstructionist poetry there. Much older people have received grants for much less!


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