Schmorgasboard...that's right. Schmorgasboard.

Things that have been going on in my little neck of the blogosphere:

1.) A few nights ago, while traversing the stairs, my feet forgot that they were navigating the darkness of our new home...muscle memory took over and they thought they were in our old house, which had far deeper steps. My heal landed on the step rather than my entire foot. I landed with a resounding THUD on my coccyx.

That's right, I bruised my tailbone. Man, it hurts to sneeze.

2.) My husband was out of town on Mother's Day (he was back in Detroit enjoying some quality time with his own Mama and siblings). My nine year-old son, being the sweetheart he is to the core, surprised me with breakfast in bed.

Now, honestly, it isn't a surprise when I get breakfast in bed from Hubby & kids on Mother's Day. They do surprise me randomly throughout the year, however. I KNOW! I am very lucky.

Anyway, my sweet boy brought me the most wonderful breakfast in bed EVER. Buttered toast, a waffle lovingly cut into bite-sized pieces with a lavish dose of syrup, and a big old glass of Ovaltine (yyyyuuuuummmmm...Ovaltine. I'll take that over chocolate milk any day).

Then my four year-old daughter wanted in on the action, so they went downstairs together and came back up with a tray with a glass of apple juice for each of us. On the count of three we toasted, "I love you!"

3.) I googled FBNOML's new boyfried while she and I were on the phone. She was fine with it, and expected no less of me. Sigh. I crazy miss her.

4.) Yesterday, I decided to splurge on myself for the first time since I bought those jeans, an took my kids to a bookstore with the intention of buying a book by an author I recently discovered (it seems I have been living under a bridge). I can't tell you what an indulgence this was...I just don't spend extraneous money ever. They had at least a half dozen of her novels, and I literally walked away with each one of them at one point or another during our time there; I couldn't decide which one I wanted.

Would you believe that today, I went to a friend's house and she handed me that book and told me she thought I'd like it? The same book I'd just bought? After a gut-wrenching decision to spend a measly fifteen bucks???

Yeah, I'm returning the book. But now, I have to figure out if The Universe is telling me that I made a mistake to spend that money, giving me a mulligan, and thus I should take a refund, or giving me the thumbs up on indulging myself in this way by giving me a bonus novel.

5.) My daughter (the four year-old) broke her collarbone. Typing those words is like nails on a chalkboard to me. She was playing with her big brother and one of his friends. It seems his friend forgot that she is five years younger and fourty pounds lighter than he is. He's a sweet kid, but...anyway, one three hour ER trip later, and my princess (Is it horrible that I call her princess? I know it has all kinds of sexist over- and under-tones, yet I say it all the time. What can I say? She is my princess.) is sporting a sling. A sling we decorated with beads and hearts and all kinds of other wonderful stuff.

But still, it's a sling. On my little girl.

6.) I've wondered if I should have pseudonyms for my youngest kids...FBNOML has hers (although despite the fact neither one of us are certain as to how that would actually be pronounced), but the two young'uns have been outta luck.

7.) Three out of five Painted Lady butterflies in their little habitat on our counter prefer to be out of their chrysalis (including the one I thought would be the runt!). Thus far. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Ouch for you, and ouch for her.. and just OUCH!!!
    I don't use my kids real names, although I think about it frequently.
    I hope your tailbone heals quickly and her poor arm.
    You must post pics of the decorated sling!! Y'all could start a trend.

  2. Oh no! Little princess, get well soon! And mommy too! I bet you wish you could have a sling for that coccyx? :)

  3. Aw. He cut up your waffles? That is so beyond sweet.

    And...totally go for another book. The money is already spent, right? All Jodi Picoult books are good, but two of my faves were "Plain Truth" and "Salem Falls"

  4. I think I have just about all of Picoult's books. I just finished her latest (my review? meh)I'm always willing to share. If you'd like, let me know.

  5. Is it First Born Not Of My Loin?

  6. I have several Jodi Piccoult books too. And as much as I loved them, I am not very good at reading books more than once. E-mail me, if you want and I will tell you want book I have and they are yours if you want them.

  7. OMG!!! So sorry to hear about your 4 yr old in a sling. My son is 4 1/2 and I have seen blood maybe once come from his lip and it was so little. This is great except I think I am going to freak out when something bad happens for the first time.

  8. Oh the tailbone pain is the worst. Good luck with that. Just don't sit down. ever. and you will be fine.

    Sounds like your mother's day was grand.

    I think it was a cosmic mulligan.

  9. Poor daughter and poor you! I hope you both heal quickly!

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  11. Ouch, we have yet to experience a broken bone with the kids yet, just one set of stitches.

    You better get yourself a bonus novel. I know how rare it is to be able to indulge, and you HAVE to do it when you can. If it makes you feel any better, I bought myself two new books today becasue they were buy one get one half off- I just couldn't resist! It's been a long time since I'vehad new reading material...


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