Cause for celebration?

Well, we finally had a ROCKIN' paycheck. We brought in more today than we had the entire year prior. Yeah, that's how we roll up in here.

It enabled us to get up to date on all of our bills. I never thought I'd be fielding calls from creditors. Contrary to their reputation, they have all been quite understanding and polite. Not one threatening to out us to our neighbors! Woohoo!

Things I did with this paycheck that perhaps I shouldn't have:

1.) Registered for BlogHer. Watch out, San Fransisco...the bloggy geekiness is about to take over.

I've been spending the past decade-plus being a mom first...it's time for me to put ME first and have some fun, dammit!

Rationalization? Check.

2.) Bought a camera. If you know me, you know that this is tantamount to the clouds parting and sucking off the spare poundage I have around my waistline. I've been a photographer without a camera for far too long. After much deliberation, I bought a refurbished Canon 20d. It is compatible with my lenses and hot-shoe flash. It'll take a week at least to get here.

I justify this purchase because I will soon pay for it via free-lance gigs.

Rationalization? Check.

3.) Bought our son a Wii. How crazy is that? Actually, not too insane if you can get into my head and rationalize it like I did. Last year for his birthday we got him a trampoline. It's been much loved by us all...but, sadly, while our pets are welcome at the new home, the trampoline just won't work as the grassy area is too small to accommodate it. So, we're selling it. That will pay for half of the Wii. We're forcing him (man, we are MEAN!) to sell his GameCube...that offsets on extra controller we need.

The rest of the cashola we chucked up to his tenth birthday. But...shhhhh....we bought the Wii on Craigslist for a fraction of its actual cost. Before you get all worried that I was scammed, believe me, I've done my research. The guy we bought it from was a super nice Dad-like dude, and he was doing the same thing we are...making his kid sell some of his belongings so that he could get some expensive toy he wanted. Fate brought us together ~cue angelic tunes~.

Rationalization? Check.

4.) Registered the domain name http://www.watchmenowatchme.com/ . Click it. It works. The transition will be complete soon, and seamless for you. Because I love you.

Plus, its easier to remember.

Rationalization? Check.

5.) I've also put away a little chunk of change to go shopping with the cracker VDog. And by little, I mean super duper tiny. The plan is to meet up next week and get all amped for BlogHer.

Rationalization? Check.

Feeling sick to my stomach? Check.

Woohoo, indeed.


  1. I fully support ALL your purchases. I am so jealous of BlogHer, would love a new fancy camera, and the Wii thing is great for the whole family. I can't seem to get all my housework done, but the kids and I love us some Wii.

  2. Definitely cause for celebration! It looks like things are starting to look up for you guys - what a relief!

    I'll be seeing you and VDog at BlogHer! We can have that long-overdue talk about kids with allergies.

    Hop on over to my place and enter to win some free chocolate!

  3. Holy freakin' smokes, Christine!
    With a financially fruitious day like it sounds you had, I daresay some indulgence is merited!

    Do a post-party report on BlogHer for us (or even just me... ;) ) won't you?

  4. Congrats on the purchases. Your rationalizations must be good because I was completely convinces.

    And the wii? You will get as much use out of it as your boy. That makes it a full family gift. Now divide your price by the number of family members... It's a steal!

  5. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Hey Honey-Please let me know when I'll be able to buy a guitar. Thanks!

    Yer hubby

  6. Go you! A paycheck like that definitely calls for some serious shoppy!

  7. You go woman!!!!!! I know how it feels to be so deprived and then get to splurge. It feels good, but also freaks you out a good deal.

    You deserve it, and I hope the goodness keeps rolling in.

  8. Jesus H. Christmas Christine that was some fraking paycheck. WAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOO!!

    Cause for a celebration indeed. I am so excited you got a new camera. Yippy Skippy!

    O!M!G! Jealous of the trip to BlogHer!

  9. Hee...thanks for the linky love. There's still time for a pre-BlogHer get together!!


  10. I am not going to BlogHer because I spent all my money on Botox, Reystalne, and Starbucks Coffee. Did I bat an eye at pumping eleventy hundred dollars of shit into my face? Hell no! When the fridge died, and all the food went bad and WE HAD to buy a new one for $900 dollars, I got so sick that I had to go to the ER. I think that I may need to have my head examined or something!

  11. I want to hear all the details from BlogHer! I wish I could go too!!


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