Channeling the eleventh grade me

Dear Diary,

A couple of weeks ago in psychology class, we took one of those personality tests that is supposed to assess your psyche...we answered questions by coloring in circles with our number two (teehee, I said number two!) pencil, and our very essence was summed up by a computer report. Awesome!

Today, our results were returned, and it said I was an introvert. As if! I'm totally an extrovert! Everyone knows it!

I was a transfer student last year to this school and still managed to get elected to Student Council during my second week here! Ha! Take that you big stupid hairy test!

Plus, if I was an introvert, would I have snuck out of my bedroom window, crawled across the roof, shimmied down the chimney to meet my boyfriend to drink beer and play in the sprinklers of the golf course with him and his friends the other night? I don't think so. An introvert would rather huddle under their covers, reading Sylvia Plath or something. But me, when those pebbles started hitting my window, I went for it. I was scared shitless that my dad would catch me, but it was worth the risk. NOT what an introvert would do!

Would an introvert hang out with the jocks and the burn-outs and the geeks and the NHS kids and students older and younger than me? Doubt it. But I do. Not only that, but I'm not embarrassed by it...when my best burn-out friend is taking mescaline in the bathroom and gives me a hard time for hanging out with my good cheerleader friend, I have no problem turning down her offer to share her stupid drug AND defending my cheerleader friend.

They have way more in common than they realize.

Anyway, I don't know why I'm letting this test bug me. I'm not an introvert. I'm NOT!



P.S.: Paul pinched my butt in the hall after third period!!!


Dear Eleventh Grade Me,

You are an introvert.




  1. My husband's definition always seemed to make alot more sense (in actual human behavior) than the dictionary - an introvert "turns inward" for spiritual refreshment, while an extrovert "turns to social interactions". Both types of people can be either shy or outgoing. My husband is a very social, friendly, sometimes loud and obnoxious introvert.

  2. Hee-hee. This really hit home for me. We had to take one of those tests in a college class, and I LIED on almost every answer so that it would come out "extrovert."

  3. I have always know that I am an introvert, but I can play the part of the extrovert for a while, but it is exhausting.

  4. LOL!!!! I am an INFJ (introvert) but I'm the most extroverted introvert around.

    I just gain my strength from times when I am alone, not from when I am with others....I'm just super chatty when I am with others. Lucky them...shuddap.

  5. Oh the introvert/extrovert fulcrum doesn't concern me so much as the "judgmental" J I can't seem to shake! (No matter how hard I re-answer trying to redirect my result!)

    Christine, you're my favorite introvert. :)

  6. I'm an introverted extrovert too.


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