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Two mornings ago I awoke to an incredibly loud PHWAP - PHWAP - PHWAP outside. I looked out the window, and there was a huge helicopter flying over my home. It had two big propellers and clearly it meant business. Serious fire-fighting business.

Yesterday I was driving with the windows open, and I pulled up to an intersection. I realized the guy in the car next had a cigarette in his hand, which was dangling out his window. And I didn't smell it.

Today I walked outside and was immediately hit by the scent of a bonfire...but, of course, it's not a bonfire. It's the smoke that's settling all over Northern California because there are too many wildfires for them to even keep count.

Our normally Mediterranean blue skies are grey. Our cars are covered with a fine layer of soot.

I know I shouldn't complain; none are near us and we are in no danger. But still, it sucks. We are cloistering indoors because outside it smells like a bar from my college years.

But we're going to make the best of it...we are going to grab some snacks and snuggle on the couch and watch Tootsie. Why Tootsie? Because yesterday it arrived in the mail from my bloggy buddy Neil, who kicks my ass at Pathwords on Facebook yet liked this post of mine enough to reward it with a movie.

By the way...did you notice that I'm all dot-commy now? Adios, .blogspot.com! I'm running with the big dogs now. Well, nipping at their heals. Okay, I can see them way up there, I think. Or maybe that's an illusion from the smoke.


  1. Congrats on the dot-commy! I just did it too - no more wordpress in my name.

  2. Wow, small world :).

    Congrats on your dot-commy purchase!

    Has the smoke been horrendous in your area? We've been fighting headaches, coughs and stuffy noses here because of it -- and keeping a close eye on the children with asthma!


  3. Oh! I didn't know you could do that on blogger?! Now, I'm off to figure it out and stop crying that I didn't start my blog on wordpress.

    And, congrats again on your stunning win on Citizen of the Month!

  4. catnip- isn't it fun being fancy ;)?

    Genevieve - the smoke is beginning to clear; today you can actually tell that the sky has a blue tint to the grey!

    Anymommy - I sent you an email w/ instructions! And I was pretty thrilled with my win!

  5. Oh boy. Another domain owning blogger. I really am going to have to bite it and go self-hosted. But man, that trip to New Orleans sounds fun too!

  6. How sad is it that I have owned my own domain for over a year, and yet have to do anything with it? I need to get on that. Oh, but a certain 4 year old might go all CRAZY about it. I'll wait until he leaves for "crazy aunt ethel's' and then do it. Stupid four year olds. Four is so much worse than 2.


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