Another Satisfied Customer

Good Morning Watch Me Readers! Chris is getting her blog on at BlogHer - WHATEVER - so you get to watch me today. Most days you can find me over at Rainy Day Diamonds chattering about whatever catches my eye, sometimes its books, sometimes its what goes on in my classroom or with my crazy Boxer Babes, or even the funny sight I'm sharing with you today. Whatever it is, my hope is that it encourages you to Find Joy in the Dewdrops and Downpours of Life.

I love me some Micky D’s! Where else can you get 42 ounces of ice cold Diet Coke for under a dollar? There’s nothing like that fizzy sting in your nose on a hot summer day.

Ooooh, pulling into the drive through lane of my neighborhood Golden Arches I anticipated that very sting – imagining it, in fact, when I choked on the fantasy nectar and spewed its carbonated goodness all over the dashboard of my beautiful new Santa Fe.

How about we call them Betty and Pebbles?

Now it looks to me like Betty was out shopping and, like any responsible pet owner, did not want to leave Pebbles alone in a sweltering vehicle, so she did the only reasonable thing. She chose the drive through. Wouldn’t you? Of course you would.

Like any respectful customer, she placed her order and patiently waited her turn in line.

Ahh…she’s a girl after my own heart - A Super-Sized Cup of Ambrosia.

Another satisfied customer!

Ruby promised me she kept a straight face, but I'm not buying it. Not for one minute!


  1. Oh lord. I'm so glad you had your camera for that.

  2. HappyCampers6:10 AM

    Yay you for taking pictures! Nobody would have believed you that you were behind a woman, with a dog shopping cart, in the drive thru lane. Tee he he he/

  3. that was highly entertaining - thank you

  4. hAHAHAhh that's funny, I don't who ya are.

  5. Oh that's hilarious.

  6. Bwahahaha. Our drive thru's are super anal and have those "on foot customers will not be served for their own safety" signs up...see? You CAN safely walk through the drive thru! Proof!

    That was hilarious.

  7. We have those signs, as well. It's kinda depressing because I've been stranded downtown on foot at 2am before, when the only portion of the restaurants open are the drive-thrus.

    Friends of mine used to ride their horses through the McD's drive-thru. Yep, only in Colorado. :)

  8. That is SO funny! I'd have been shooting that one too. It's good to always have one's camera on one's person at all times. :D


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