BlogHer Recap

It was awesome.

So, onto other news.*

As you can tell, my blog is undergoing some reconstruction. This is nothing new here, but this time it's more than rearraging the furniture. THIS TIME it is a serious overhaul with an actual graphic designer (the amazing Fruition Designs...her cards were a huge hit at BlogHer) and not li'l old me playing around.

Bear with us...what with BlogHer and whatnot I haven't been on top of things. Watch me! No, watch me! will continue to improve over the following days.

*okay, of course there will be more later.


  1. Can hardly wait to see the new incarnation. :)
    (And to get the real skinny on the BlogHer goings on.)

    Will keep checkin' back. Welcome back!

  2. Oh it is looking very purty already. Can't wait to see the big makeover!

  3. Like the new look.

    Don't talk about BlogHer, or I'll weep with jealousy....

  4. Can't wait to hear more details about your trip. I'm looking for a reason to dry hump my new laptop again.

  5. P.S. New look? Totally cool!

  6. It looks great!!

    Now - you are so FUCKING awesome. I swear you are like my fave new person that I met. Can I say fuck on your blogs?


  7. Woohoo, now, with comfier shoes!

  8. Shweetie,

    I'll stay tuned for your updates. It was soooooo fun meeting you and I'm glad to have found a new bloggin' buddy!

  9. Interested to know how bloggers felt about the event! Staying tuned too.

  10. I love the new look! Looking forward to hearing more about your BlogHer experience!


  11. I've been writing more than reading-so I apologize for my absence.

    I am so intrigued by the whole BlogHer experience..maybe next year I'll go!


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