I defect

So, as I mentioned, this li'l blog o' mine has been getting an overhaul. Thought it was time for her to look all perty.

I can't take credit for the look, though. The lovely and talented Karla of Fruition Designs was slaving away on it while I was whooping it up in San Franscisco.

Right now I'm trying to sport an uncluttered look. No worries, that'll change. I know some of the links don't work...that'll be taken care of eventually as well. Anyway, some of the blog bling is gone, some of it is back.

This, however, is back up:

Actually, "back up" isn't technically correct because the one I used to have up was this:

What isn't going back up is this:

Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

No, now...don't get me wrong. I DO still totally kick ass! And Guy Kawasaki is super nice and not only allowed me to park my blog at his site for the past few weeks, but also hosted an amazing partay at his home and graciously allowed me to attend. And drink wine. And eat. And pick up super swag.

It's not you, Guy, it's me.

Well, it's kinda someone else. Yes, classic love triangle.

My paramour AllMediocre. I cannot resist the siren call that is AllMediocre.

The thing is, AllMediocre became more than just a holding tank for those of us wanting to get to Alltop. It's a true community. I miss the community. I miss my friends at AllMediocre.

BUT dammit Meghan won't grant an exception to her rule for me (I KNOW!) which states very emphatically that you can't be a member of AllMediocre if you're on Alltop.

So, while Alltop and Guy were very good to me, I have no choice but to go back to AllMediocre...because while the bling and validation from AllTop were awesome, I'm here on the interwebs because of YOU. The community. The interwebs interaction and bloggy love.

Thus I must invoke the words of my beloved Steve Martin and say to AllTop,

"I break with thee. I break with thee. I break with thee."

~throwing dog poop on their shoes~


  1. Welcome back!!! We missed you!

  2. Uh oh. I thought it was the other way around...ok to be on AllTop AND AllMediocre. Makes sense that it's not, but now I must decide (I'm on Twenty Somethings). Eeeek.

  3. Forgot to say: LOVE the new design. Very nice!

  4. Shhhh, don't tell Guy, but I hear that people get lots more traffic from AllMediocre than from Alltop.

    Oh yes I did.


    You make everything I do worth it. And Alltop IS awesome. And it's validating. But so are friendships, and that's what life is all about.

    BIG kisses to you.

  6. You & your beautiful blog RAWK!

  7. I'm not worried about Guy. He will go out, and someone will spot the dog poop on his shoes. (Nice ending, by the way.)

  8. that is so awesome. i think it's so awesome that you actually left alltop to come back to allmediocre. you're right, though - it is a community. i JUST joined less than three weeks ago and i already feel so loved! well, maybe i just feel loved by meghan, but still. :-P

  9. love the design. wow meghan is giving guy a run for his money.

  10. Cute! And I loved the last post too about being got. Maybe one day.

  11. Welcome back buddy. There's a seat for you on the couch right here, the coffee's hot and the umbrella drinks are flowing.

  12. Love and adore the new look! Karla is so fantabulous.
    AllMediocre huh, sounds like a place I'd fit in :-)

  13. anymommy9:08 AM

    Welcome back. We missed you. Alltop is an incredible idea and the blogs there are awesome (including yours). But, well Allmediocre, you can just feel the love (sniff). It's special.

  14. Top, Med, wherever...
    Love me some Watch Me. :)

  15. Just had to stop back by and tell you how much I love you. You know, right? RIGHT?

    Kisses and hugs and all that other stuff.


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