If I may interrrupt the guest posting for just a minute...

Let's give a big interwebs Happy Birthday to my husband!

As you read this, I am entrenched in BlogHerDom. He, however, is running around San Fransisco with our youngest two kiddies. No complaints from him that his birthday is all about me and my bloggy lovefest...how awesome is he?

Super awesome. He's my best friend, my ultimate confidante, my LUVV-ER, my bestest half. He's the father of my FBNOML (who might as well be of my loins, I love her so much), the Daddy to the two kiddies I birthed myself, my partner in crime and the one person who knows me better than anyone else.

So Happy Birthday, Mr. watch me! No, watch me!

I love you. Sorry I'm stumbling into the hotel room drunk tonight. It's those dang blogging beyotches. I'll try not to wake up the kids.

You, I'll wake up.

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