Rental house mis-haps

Hey all! BlogHer sucks. It isn't any fun at all. Everyone here is dullsville, and all the shoes are ugly. So, since I have nothing fun to write about, my sweet friend Darla is taking the reigns for the day. Show her some love, wontcha!

Since Christine is moving here shortly I thought this would be an appropriate article (HA!) to help her feel FAB about her new home (not that she isn't already excited, but this outta top her off...just sayin....).

The last house we rented was for two months, a little over two years ago, while our current house was being built. Most people do not let you rent a house for two months but it's a small town, a lot of people know us and it worked out that this guy was going to put his mom's house on the market in a couple months because he had terrible renters in the past. We were lucky to find it....I think???

Well, first a friend and I went in to clean and I'll spare you the worst of the details, but let me just say, people who warm up bobby pins and clean their ears out, then leave the bobby pin in the medicine cabinet should be SHOT. Need I say more?

Ok, so the first day we move in I pull open the rolling blind and it all cracks into pieces and big holes. Okey doke. Replace that.

The kitchen was ok except it had 2 feet (and that's being generous) of counterspace. The cabinets on top were so tall we couldn't reach past the first shelf (all 3 of them that is LOL). I shouldn't complain really because even though there was no dishwasher there was a garbage disposal, however, we weren't aware that it spit the food up and out the other drain onto your freshly washed and currently drying dishes. And, this is ONLY funny if you are the one who didn't just DO the dishes (I was rolling in laughter, needless to say it wasn't my turn to do dishes).

The shower was great if you are 4 feet 9 inches tall. The shower head was at that level. That wouldn't have been SO BAD if the water had actually stayed warm longer than 7 minutes and 23 seconds. First it came out scolding hot and then BOOM FREEZING. Needless to say we had to stagger our showers and include enough time for the water heater to warm up to do the dishes. Timing was everyhing in that house.

Oh and the bathroom window? Straight shot into the neighbors livingroom. Now I'm used to living in areas where there's not many houses around and certainly not within 10 feet of each other so pulling the curtains was not even a consideration for me. ~blush~ I'm still apologizing for what they may or may not have had to endure in their view while we lived there.

Then there was the fact that we couldn't get our bed up the stairs to the second level where the bedrooms were, so we had to buy an air mattress. Well, one morning we woke up and....you know where this is going....we were drowning in the bed. Somehow there was a hole. So back to Wal-mart I went for another one.

The upstairs hall was so slanted, if you had to go potty at night you just naturally started falling into the wall. It was like a magnet.

The stackable washer and dryer worked great if you don't mind spending 2 hours getting your towels dry.

But the thing that really did it for me was the basement. First of all, I did NOT GO DOWN THERE ~ EVAH. ~creepy~ I did open the door several times a day and spray a dose of Lysol down there to try and control the mold smell. And, we (of course) had a LOT of rain that year and the water started to come up through the drain (my husband found this out, I had no part in this knowledge).

Well, we'd been having a problem with the drains in the house as it was (note: garbage disposal) so the owner had brought over some special drain cleaner (yeah it was special alright). So, my husband thought, he'd just pour some of that down the drain in the basement.....uhhhh....BAD IDEA. He barely made it back up the stairs the fumes were so bad (apparently there was something else in that drain that did not mix with that "special" drain cleaner). The fumes quickly started to take over the entire house, so started ripping open windows (it's February, thankyouverymuch) and that wasn't helping, so we grabbed the cats (they loved that), threw them in the SUV and drove around for TWO HOURS only to come home to a FREEZING COLD but pretty much ventalited house.

After that it was all rosey. Bwahaahhahha. Needless to say, we moved into our new house as quick as we could - even while living on subflooring. Yeah, we were R-E-A-D-Y to go.

Thanks for letting me share!


  1. Darla, OMG. That is horrible. First of all, warming up bobby pins and putting them in your ears. What is that about. I can't get that image out of my mind. Secondly, did you wonder if there as a dead body buried in basement? You know , with the smell and all. I am like you, I would not have stepped foot down there, either!

  2. Yeah about the bobby pins, I don't know. Maybe someone else can fill us in (or not). HAHA

    Dead body? LOL!!

  3. Eeeek! Reason #42082 I'm not moving anywhere anytime soon...phew! Just reading that made me tired :)

    And Miss Christine, when you get back from BlogHer, you have an award waiting for you: http://idblogthaton.blogspot.com/2008/07/first-annual-ibt-awards.html

    Head on over to pick it up :)

  4. I should take a pic of the house we lived in for 2 months when we first moved to town 14 years ago. That was AFTER spending time in the college dorm.

  5. I am not moving any time either. We've new windows & doors and a soon to be new A/C Furnace (Monday) and Roof (Early September).

  6. Wow, Darla. I thought our present rental sucked...I bitch daily about how our furniture is too big for the rooms and thusmy thighs are constantly bruised from bumping into the corners of tables and bed foot boards.

    Again, BlogHer is SUCH A DRAG. I've met no-one with anything intersting to say, the Keynotes and Break-outs are pointless, and really, the place is like a ghost town. I think it's just me and like two or three people who don't know what a blog is.

    Hopefully, next year will be better. Because, HELL YEAH, I want to come back next year.

    Not that you're missing anything if you're not here. Not at all.

    (Again, all the shoes are butt ugly!)


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