I will take this dream, stick it in my pipe, and smoke it*

So I haven't been doing much on my quest for a free laptop from Apple Co-founder Steve Steve Wozniak via his ex-girlfriend Kathy Griffin. I mean, it is a brilliant plan and BOUND to work, but I have lost my momentum.

That is so like me.

I hatch a scheme and then suck at the execution (except for the medical school thing, and frankly that is ONE time I wished I'd not done the following up bit).

This is where it would be really awesome to have a staff of people to do my bidding. I could lay around coming up with fun and exciting ideas, then I could pass it off to my peeps. Kinda like Kathy Griffin and her Team Griffin.

I want a Team Christine.

Not only could they take care of the details of this campaign, like writing press releases and creating a button and getting the word out to other bloggers to get involved, but Team Christine could help in other ways as well.

They could pack this house and move it on Friday. I'll supervise and point to where things should be placed.

They could do my laundry. And dishes. Clean my bathrooms and oven.

Team Christine grocery shop for the family, and cook meals when we don't feel like it (read: usually).

They could peel my grapes and fan me when the heat becomes stifling. Actually, I could also instruct them to turn down the thermostat. We have the technology!

They could mix my cocktails and fetch my slippers! And mix more cocktails!


*Get it? Pipe dream?

Off to pack!


  1. Fucking fabulous idea. I'd like a Team Me, too. I already have their To Do list ready. It's long, but they can do it. Why? Because we're inspirational leaders. Right?

  2. Oh, I already have a Team. They just don't know it yet.

  3. If you ever do get a "Team Christine" watch your back because I will be doing my damnedest to lure them away from you to come do my bidding!


  4. Ahaha, I'm trying to get The Internet to buy me a laptop! (Button is on my left sidebar.) So far I have $9. The Internet is not really interested in me having a laptop, it seems. HAH.

    But, I'd be on your moving team if I lived close. You'll have to mix your own cocktails though... if you want them to ever make it to YOUR mouth. :-)

  5. I need a Team Darla...wanna join? I'd let you do my laundry!

  6. I want a team, too. Wait a minute. my kids are my team. Does it count if I have to nag them to do stuff?

  7. Um, yeah, the reference was tty obvs. LOLZ.


    I SERIOUSLY am in need of a Team Casa de Cracker. Then I need the personal Team VDog. Consisting of masseuse, nanny, pedicurist, hairstylist, personal trainer.... You get the picture.


  8. I'll be on your team, but unfortunately I'm hard to supervise (that's what I hear, anyway.) Plus I lack a number of skills, so I'll just take care of the cocktail part. You don't need slippers, that's just one more thing for some team member to have to wash.

    Are we going to live in a compound?

  9. I need a team too. I too often lose interest in any great ideas I have.

    p.s. I like my grapes with skin on them.

  10. I have a team like that - it's called Hubby!

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO kidding - and he'd kill me if I even took that thought seriously lol!

  11. I'd gladly be on your team.

  12. I love it!! When your team is filled and you have extras send them my way because I could surely use a team Mel too!!

  13. A team! Now I know what I've been missing. If I had a team, my life would not be perpetually behind itself. While we are at it, I would also like a personal hair stylist, make up artist, masseuse and chef.

    I like this dreaming stuff!

  14. I don't need a team. I just need one man who's handy. And maybe cute too.

  15. If you make one of your team your designated pointer, you won't even have to do that. I should manage your team. We'll have t-shirts and everything!


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