Now that Obama has named Biden as his running mate, I think Bruno just might have a shot.

Remember this? The Watch me! No, watch me! household decided that our beloved pooch, Bruno, could run the country as well as anyone.

Well, it seems his candidacy has caught on:

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Who knew!!!


  1. Now that Bruno's most excellent campaign is on fire, I think you should seriously consider some diversity in his running mate. (Oh yes, he can run!)

    May I offer my big, black poodle for the Veep spot? He plays well with others, makes everyone smile, and believes it's time to bring some fun back to the White House. What do you say? (References upon request.)

    YOGI FOR VEEP! http://picasaweb.google.com/barbrosenthal/YogiForVeep/photo#5237856320229971538

  2. I will certainly consider your cute pup as a VEEP for Bruno. I must, however, allow him the final choice (but I won't tell him that, because I am alpha, baby).

    Anyone else want to (gently) toss their dog into the ring? Or cat? Ferret? Pot-bellied pig?

  3. Tucker will consider it if only he is allowed to fix the apostrophe on the signs!

  4. Yeah. I am totally supporting Bruno.

  5. mzsam9:25 PM

    I do believe that a certain Otzi would be a certain winner, since all he ever has to do is LOOK at someone, and they all melt, and vote for him. They do!! It should be Bruno/Otzi for sure!!

  6. Anonymous9:27 PM

    The two of them together? wow. Winners for sure!!

  7. Anonymous6:30 AM

    I'd totally vote for Bruno. And I nominate my cat, Bazel, as something important, like First Cat. (first ever same-sex, inter-species, presidential couple)

  8. I think that would be a much better choice than either option currently offered. ;)

  9. Oh thank God finally a decent candidate.


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