Breakfast. It's not for breakfast anymore.


I am having a very hard time with breakfast these days.

First off, I pretty much hate sweet foods (before you start chucking things at your monitor, rest assured...I more than make up for the calorie deficit that occurs because I can easily pass up a chocolate mousse by eating FAR more than my fair share of pizza).

For whatever reason, breakfast foods seem to be loaded with sweetness. From cereals to pancakes to french toast to...well, you get it.

Ah! But Christine! How about the savory delights of quiche? And toast dripping with butter? Or a bagel slathered in cream cheese?

Sigh, yes. That is what I prefer for breaking my fast in the morning after a cup or three of java (the first of which my husband brings to me while I am still in bed)(~ducking again~).

Sadly, I have gone wheat-free.

But why, Christine? Why? Are you un-American? Are you against those golden waves of grain?

Wow. That's stretching it a bit. Let's get back on topic, 'kay? My eliminating wheat stems from an odd confluence of events, and quite honestly it's not a very interesting story. Suffice it to say that I realized that it might be a good idea to eliminate wheat.

I tried it.

It was good.

So while this not eating wheat is making all meals tough, breakfast is the hardest hit. I feel like I'm on a no-carb diet every morning...my go-to meal is a scrambled egg conglomeration of whatever we have on hand. It usually consists of eggs (derrrr), cheese, and perhaps spinach or red bell peppers. Deeeelish!

But not so delish day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after FREAKING day...

The other snag is that I am super lazy in the mornings. I have never woken up fast, nor easily (see above, how hubby has to bribe me to wake up with coffee delivered bedside). What this means is, if my husband isn't making me some egg concoction, in all likelihood I'll just scrape together something, like rye crackers and cream cheese. Or a pre-hardboiled egg. Or a handful of lunch meat (EWWW!).

So, I beg you...help me. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can eat for breakfast? Something savory, not sweet. Easy to prepare in advance that is also wheat free?

If you are a lurker and have an idea, please de-lurke. I need some serious help here in the Non-Sweet, Non-Wheat Recipes for Breakfast Department.


  1. I'm so sorry. I can totally relate to the not waking up thing. Too bad my son gets up with my husband... no more sleeping in for me!
    I have issues with breakfast too. I used to be a bowl of cereal girl... until I developed an intolerance to dairy. Joy. Then I started eating it dry... now I hardly eat anything. Bad, I know!
    But, what about fruit? I know it can be sweet, but not in a sugary way... with plain yoghurt perhaps?

  2. Anonymous4:34 AM

    I'm not a breakfast eater myself, but I do have these ideas for you. Fruit, yoghurt or a combo of both. You could also do oatmeal and granola. Yes, you'd have to read the ingredients on the granola, but we eat Bear Naked granola (bearnaked.com) in our house and I checked the ones we have in the house and didn't see any wheat (but the website shows the ingredients for all of them, if you're interested.) Good luck!

  3. I wish I had time to make breakfast. But, how about a breakfast burrito, with out without eggs, corn tortilla, black beans, salsa, avacado, cheese...I am so hungry just thinking about it. You could have all the stuff ready and just warm it up in a tortilla.

  4. Oh Honey, no sweet-no wheat? That pretty much eliminates my entire kitchen. Does fruit count as sweet? You could get all Wiggles and prep up a monster bowl of fruit salad (yummy, yummy) to have on hand. What about salmon on crackers? (Are there wheat free bagels? Tortillas?)

    Lawsy Girl, that's a challenge. Could you just add a 4th and 5th cup of coffee with extra milk maybe?

  5. What about oatmeal? Doesn't have to be sweet and it's easy.

  6. Check out the book The Gluten, Wheat and Dairy-Free Cookbook. I love the banana muffins. No wheat. You can make lots of stuff by substituting this for flour -
    Mix up 6 cups white rice flour, 2 cups, potato starch flour, 1 cup tapioca flour.
    You can get it at health food stores or bulk food stores. I'm allergic to wheat and milk and feel so much better and lose weight too when I avoid them. But I don't do what I should very often. Good luck!

  7. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I'm gluten and whey free (yes WHEY!-ask me how many times I get that from someone.:) so I also do a lot of eggs, bacon, hash brown combos. The corn tortilla breakfast burrito thing is very yummy and easy. Nuke the tortilla to warm, scrabble your egg throw some salsa and black beans on it yummy.

    Good luck.

  8. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Instant grits with cheese.

    Clearly I'm southern.

    Nuts, yogurt, fruit (with cream!), rice(Chinese style),veggie sausages (or the real deal depending on how often you go for it),cheese, cucumbers/tomatoes/basil (Turkish style), smoothies, parfait/sherbert made ahead....I'd just rotate lots of crazy things to keep it exciting-I'd especially look for some sort of breakfast from other places that are less dependent on wheat-breakfast is a savory affair for much of the world!

  9. (delurking) How about something on a corn tortilla? Microwave bacon and cheese? I don't know...toast and reduced sugar apple oatmeal are my favorite breakfast foods. I am with you on the coffee though....and I need to get my husband to start serving it bedside. How DID you manage that?

  10. on days i am totally lazy, i eat leftovers from dinner the night before for breakfast. now before anyone thinks that is crazy - how many times have you had cold pizza for breakfast? it's the same idea :O)

  11. Sorry, I'm a huge breakfast person and I eat cereal every single morning. Raisin Bran. I think there's wheat. Is bran wheat? I actually have no idea and now I feel dumb. Good thing I'm not planning to give up wheat because I would have not a clue what I actually had to give up.

  12. delurking... I am wheat and gluten free AND dairy free.

    I know.

    I get a wheat-free bread from the natural store -- it's kept in the freezer and is made from pecans and rice. So we have french toast (not sweet, just eggs, nutmeg, bread, and butter. I sometimes eat almond butter on top); mochi with butter, peanut butter, and jelly; oatmeal; fried rice; eggs and toast.

    We usually eat second-breakfast around 11 AM, and I like to eat something like dinner leftovers.

  13. You could just be like me and eat left overs from dinner...(clearing throat)...I mean lunch.

    I read all the comments above and I think the easiest and best foods in your case are Oatmeal (try instant in the big container if you're not too picky on quality). You can add fruit, cinnamin, raisins, et cetera to the oatmeal. Kids love it too--but then again I do not have picky children.

    Yogurt is another option. Personally, I make my own yogurt (super easy). You can add fruit to the yogurt for extra sweetness.

    Grits. I am Southern, but I dislike it with cheese. You may like it with cheese, but I prefer sugar that you cannot have. I dont know how you feel about Splenda, but you could use it if you don't mind manmade sweetners. White Stevia is another option for a natural sweetner. Look up Stevia sometime if you dont already know what it is.

    Or, just do what someone else suggested and have a couple more cups of coffee or other high-energy drink.

    **I wonder how come you dont use wheat. I use wheat, but then again, I mill mine fresh. Is there a paticular reason you dont use it? Perhaps I will find your reason after browsing around your blog a little more.


  14. we've just reintroduced cream of rice cereal (the brown rice kind) made by Erewhon. It says, " Organic Brown Rice Cream...a delicious and creamy hot cereal made from organically grown brown rice."

    we LOVE it. hope that can work.



  15. Hi Christina,

    Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog. Can't wait to read your answers.


  16. I'm a big fan of crustless quiche. You make it the same way you normally would, just, you know, no crust. Yum.

  17. As a former low carb dieter, I had to figure out the breakfast thing too.

    My Hubby makes a great egg concoction: Eggs, red peppers, cheese AND lunch meat! The lunch meat (usually turkey or ham) really makes it awesome.

    Casseroles are great too. There are lots of recipes online for breakfast casseroles and most are wheat and sugar free! They are great to make at the beginning of the week and then you can just reheat through the week.

  18. Anonymous10:08 PM

    If you have a microwave appliance - anything you fancy for dinner (or lunch) can be suitable, even joyous. Piece of fruit. Coffee. It's all good.

    Bklyn., NY
    (the "Please choose your profile" choices are beyond my understanding.)


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