Bye-Bye BlogHer Ads

Cleaning house here...getting ready to get this li'l ol' blog back up and running.

First thing to go...BlogHer Ads.


I'll be doing more cleaning, and soon she'll be fresh as a daisy and ready for spring!


  1. I love spring cleaning. Makes me feel briefly like I've accomplished something. Can't wait to see the new look.

  2. Spring cleaning - either real or in blog form - always gives one a quick sense of accomplishment.

  3. Oh, and can't wait to hear more from you again! ;)

  4. Anymommy and Iva ~ I KNOW! Doesn't it feel amazing to pare down and simplify?

    Krista ~ Thank you! I am looking forward to this blog being a priority in my life again.

    As to why I removed BlogHer ads...no one single reason. I struggled with the idea of putting ads on my blog waaaaaaaay back when...and while I don't regret the decision to accept them, at this point I really want this blog to return to its roots. Just me, my thoughts, and a few things on my sidebar that are truly meaningful to me.

    Back to the basics.

  5. Found you through your comment on Mrs Fussypants, love the blog and looking forward to being a regular reader!

  6. Blog ads are totally personal and people have really widely swinging opinions about them. Good for you for going w/your gut.

  7. Follow your instincts and we will follow you. Wishing you the best with the spring cleaning...truly cathartic.

  8. Nothing like cleaning house, is there?

    Unless, of course, you have hired help that can clean for you. :)

  9. I'm in the process of the same. Good for you!

  10. Count me on the list for blogher ad deletion!!
    Its a waste of my blog space.



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