To the person driving the first car in the left turn lane queue

Like sitting in an exit row on a plane, you are charged with a RESPONSIBILITY. When that arrow turns green, you need to proceed through the intersection immediately. None of this not paying attention and wasting precious seconds. Those of us behind you are counting on you. Do you know how frustrating it is to SIT THERE, thinking if that moron had gone when the light first changed I'd have completed my turn by now. I'd better make this light, because if I don't the earth will spin off its axis? Why is it that you are all too often completely oblivious to that crucial shift from red to green? The rest of us behind you see it; one can tell by the waving arms and honking horns. But you, you are unawares.

Please be more vigilant and take your responsibility seriously. Road rage is real, and us mommas driving mini-vans are NOT TO BE MESSED WITH. One of these days I might just scoop some goldfish-cheerios-banana detritus from the floor and hurl it at you. Well, okay I won't. But I will bang on my steering wheel and hurl insults at you, much to the delight of my kids.


  1. Ah, the infamous left turn lane in California...I remember it well.

    And how it even made it into movies as a true right of passage for teens in LA - learning to make a left hand turn....

    My kids too get a kick out of when I get upset at other drivers. But here in sleepy Los Alamos, it's not because there's so much traffic. It's because of all the retirees forgetting that they are actually driving somewhere, and slowing to an almost stop in the street....no lights or anything....

    (Little Big Girls even says: Grandma! : )

  2. Trust me, driving in Alabama would drive anyone to road rage!

  3. We hardly have any left turn lanes out where i live these days which is so weird to me! Just had to drop my since I am also a Christine!

  4. you hit it!

    And yes, if you want to do the BlogRhet meme, we need that kind of input.


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