More like 'mastication', Bill, not 'masturbation.' Just without the teeth and the whole chewing thing.

In case anyone has missed the Bill Maher breastfeeding firestorm, head on over to Suburban Oblivion , Velveteen Mind, and Queen of Spain to get the scoop.

(Yes, that first comment at Suburban Oblivion is mine...and yes, it's totally irrelevant and tangential. Notice the time I posted it...tipsy tired posting.)


  1. Seems to be the topic of the day :)

    Be sure to read the stellar posts by Lawyer Mamma and Pundit Mom as well.

    BM better be afraid of blogger moms today. lol.

  2. can't wait to catch up on my reading and fill myself in on the mr. mysogony. did i spell that wrong? too tired to spellcheck...

  3. When will Bill learn that he can't mess with us? I'm sure Bill would have no problem with me whipping my boob out for HIS viewing and feeding pleasure. What a pig!

  4. Actually, I didn't think your comment was irrelevant at all. Personally, I'm more offended by him being so rude to you and seeming misogynistic when he was supposedly acting like a real person than when he was doing his whole breastfeeding rant on his show.

    I'm going to stop hogging your blog by commenting on every post now. Here's how much I like your blog--my son just asked me to play a pretend game with him...and I put on Steve Irwin so I could just finish reading some more. Bad mother, bad.


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