No love lost on either of our parts...

...as I rarely used my Facebook account (I'm all about Twitter & cre8Buzz, baby), but I've gotten all lactivist on their asses and deleted it. Like they care.

But, reminiscent of the Bill Maher uproar it seems that Facebook finds images of moms breastfeeding OBSCENE.

For fun, I googled 'facebook images.' Go ahead, open up another tab and try it (it's a regular google search, not an images search). There's a couple of pics at the top and then, the first result is called, 'Facebook Images.' Click it. It takes you directly to the facebook site of Mark McGowan, whom it seems is a UK based performance artist/protester. Check out the image first column, fifth row down, titled "THE RE-ENACTMENT OF THE CONCEPTION OF PRINCE WILLIAM 2007." DON'T do this if kids are around.

This is obscene per Facebook, but simulating (or photographing?) doggy style sex isn't. Weird.

Check out League of Maternal Justice for the code for that awesome button and more info.

P.S. Dear Internets, I have nothing against Mark McGowan and his work...just pointing out the fact that Facebook has a wacked definition of 'obscene.'


  1. Sadly it's not just facebook that has a warped sense of the obscene. It's society in general, and as I said on my blog about it - people need to grow up about a mother feeding her baby and get over it!

  2. Promos for Fox primetime are vastly more provocative than my daughter facing inward in her Baby Bjorn, but it seems that our society has reached an impasse. How funny that one of the most vociferous voices of opposition to breastfeeding is one of the most famous breastmen around. Jealous much, Bill?

  3. Well, you know, they guy who founded facebook is like...23. He still blushes when he sees tampons in the grocery store. He has no idea what "standards" are, much less how to create and implement those that actually make sense.

    BTW, it's outrageous that a breastfeeding mother would be cencored, but not images of intercourse, even simulated intercourse.

  4. Amen, sista! You make a great point. Bring on the boobs!


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