Things I am dreading:

1.) Moving. I love this home...not a day has gone by when I haven't appreciated it is. From the corbels to the risers, the gables to the grout, the courtyard to the pedestal sinks...I had a vision of what I wanted this home to be and the builder, architect and I made it happen.

2.) Moving. What a pain in the ass. Organizing what to keep and what to sell/give away/donate to charity, packing the boxes, hauling the boxes over to the new place...serious stressor.

3.) Moving. We are going from homeowners to renters...good-bye idea of building equity. I never thought that I'd make that transition, not at age forty-one. I thought I was done renting forever.

Things to which I am looking forward:

1.) Moving! I love my home, but it is far bigger than we need; in fact, there have been numerous times I've been embarrassed by it's 3,600+ square foot excessiveness. It's time to let it be loved by others.

2.) Moving! I spent most of 1993 backpacking through Europe and the Caribbean. In the months leading up to my travels I LOVED the process of paring down from an apartment to a backpack, unloading all but the necessities. Today I am embracing the process of drastically reducing the square footage of our home and thus the crap it can contain. Downsizing is the new bling, baby.

3.) Moving! We haven't been able to afford this home for over a year. We are on borrowed time here as it is. I can't WAIT to not live paycheck to paycheck. WOOHOO!


  1. Good luck on the move. Moving is such a crazy time. I told the Mr., after our last move, that I am not moving again until I can't walk up the stairs to my bedroom. And even then, I might just sleep in the living room.

  2. I'm envious! I want a change.....
    I told Husband yesterday that I want to move. He wasn't so keen on the idea.

  3. Good luck on the move! It's great that your thinking out the good and bad of your move! :)

  4. Hi new best friend - I love moving -- for all the reasons you stated and I love not owning a home. When I'm out gallavanting on beautiful autumn weekends and I see homeowners raking leaves and wrapping shrubs and nailing down roofs and double glazing their windows and having their furnaces cleaned and re-paving their driveways, etc., etc., I just say: HA HA.

    And, also big fat kudos for getting out of that whole "we-need-a-big-giant-house-to-store-all-our-big-giant-purchases-we-got-at-the-big-giant-mega-mall-and-took-home-in-our-big-giant-SUV" thing.

  5. Kids are happier when the family is "cozy" and together more. We've had big houses in the south, and small in the north (all the same price!). Our kids always like the smaller houses for the coziness! Two adults & four boys are ALWAYS snuggled up in the living room here! :)


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