It's 9:15pm, I'm home from our Thanksgiving dinner, and I don't know what else to write

I'd had a couple of other things planned, but the combo of tryptophan and Zinfandel has left me less than inspired.

So in acknowledgment of the holiday, the following is my top ten list of things for which I am grateful (in NO particular order):

1.) I am thankful for (despite my disclaimer that there is no particular order, first and foremost)my family: FBNOML, my son and my daughter, my wonderful husband, my amazing mom, my darling and inspiring brother, my cousins and in laws and aunts and uncles and ALL.
2.) I am thankful for my friends...I've been crazily lucky throughout my life to have made friendships that will last forever, even if time has taken it's toll.
3.) I am thankful for the fact that we sold that last home and found this one.
4.) I am thankful for epipens.
5.) I am thankful for my elliptical.
6.) I am thankful for my hair stylist.
7.) I am thankful for the California town in which we live; I always knew I was a California girl at heart...who knew that meant Northern California, which isn't the California I thought I meant?
8.) I am thankful for my decision to leave medicine.
9.) I am thankful for my ability to gain muscle mass quickly.
10.) I am thankful for this bloggy world, or as my daughter said when asked what she was thankful for, "Princesses and ponies and our puppy and YOU!"


  1. I never want to live in So. Cal again. But, if I had the chance (an the money) I have a number of Northern California towns I would love to live in.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Sweet. I'm also thankful for you.

  3. "I'm happy I gain muscle mass quickly."

    That was TOTAL ex-physician speak there!

    Very cute!

    I'm thankful you got to keep the kitties!


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