Flip it. Flip it, good!

Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback on my Photo Tips last week...if you sent me photos or questions, I promise I'll get back to you all!

So last week I advised you to take a step forward when taking pictures...eliminating extraneous background information in a photograph is really a fabulous way to up the quality of your photographs. Today I'm going to build upon that and add another photo fundamental.

Look at this adorable photograph the Fabulous Mrs. Fussypants sent to me of a couple of her monkeys (note the laptop...gee, look familiar?):

Look how cute they are! Dang, how can I improve upon the adorableness?

FLIP IT! One thing we all tend to do is take our photographs horizontally. Turn that camera 90 degrees and take that photograph vertically...portrait style, baby!

See how that automatically crops out a lot of extra background stuff and focuses on the adorable monkeys, the subject of the photo? Let's add last week's tip and take a step forward:

Awwww...look at that. See how your eye is drawn to the sweet tangle of brotherly hands, the protective embrace, the trust and snuggliness evident in their body language? The love oozes out of the photo. It was always there, but NOW we are focussed on it!

These are really simple things that can make a huge difference in your everyday family photos. Take a step forward to eliminate visual distractions from your subject...and don't forget to FLIP your camera vertically. It will help you further focus on your subject and create the lasting memory you desire.

Professional photographers take the majority of their portraits vertically, so remember...shoot like a pro and flip it!


Bonus for Fussy...a little photoshopping thank you for sharing your photo:

If you'd like me to feature your photo in one of these tutorials, email me!


  1. OH, fallopian twitch! ;)

    Thanks babe. It is beautiful.

    The laptop, I'm on the couch with it on the side table, right now!
    I think Twitter was on the screen. Can't tell.

    Thank Thank Thank You, Alli

  2. Wow, amazing! I love your lessons.

    I just snap picture after picture without any thought to setting it up. And I'm not very experienced with Photoshop. (Actually, I use GIMP, because I'm too poor/cheap to have the real Photoshop.)

    I will volunteer a picture up as soon as I can think of one I like.

  3. Too darling!
    Great tips (think I said that last week) LOL.
    I just got photoshop so I'm still learning. I may stalk you now. Hope you don't mind :-)
    Found you through the Fabu Fussy.

  4. oh how funny. I just took some photos last night to depict the same idea for a post I am getting ready to write. Well done.

    oh and I am visiting from the BUZZ!

  5. This is one that's always worked well for me, too :).

  6. My pictures are going to look better already! Thanks for sharing your tips with us :)

  7. love the information and the photo is great. I am going to look through a few and find something to send to you. Thanks!

  8. You did awesome with this picture. I will be taking notes on all your photo tips, this made a huge difference.

  9. You have such a great eye! My husband has "the gift" also and he is coaching me so I can take better photos of the girls.

  10. my eye was drawn to the older boy; half boy/half still baby... that stage only lasts a few days and lucky you caught it on film. of course you don't want to tell him that ;-)



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