How cute is that puppy in the bloggy?

There's been lots of puppy talk on these interwebs recently. Lots of puppy talk.

Look, I'm not intimating that some of the big bloggers are worried about my little bloggy fabulousness, and thus have adopted pups in the hope of knocking the Cutest Puppy Ever title from my baby. It's just that seems some of them high-falutin' bloggers think they have the Cutest Puppy Ever. Impossible. Hello! I called it!

In case you need a reminder:

I'm just saying it is QUITE THE COINCIDENCE that within fourteen, maybe fifteen, months of me adopting a dog two bloggy hot doggers (no pun intended) did the same.


  1. Name! name! We want a name!

  2. OMG!!!!


  3. His Highness' name is...


    Because if you are a little Havanese lapdog, you need a big name.

    I'm not kidding you, he is the sweetest pup ever. I wuv my wittew Bwuno. He's so cute, yes he is! Yes he is!

  4. He's cute. I'm not into lapdogs...much. But there just is no denying it. He's cute.

    And have you seen how people have gone nuts over THEIR puppies? Good lord, it's as if they've never seen puppies before. I have puppies. In fact I've had several come through my home over the last few years. Not physically HAD puppies, I may be a bitch at times but I wouldn't go that far. No, I meant, we've adopted a puppy in the last six months.

    Thanks for visiting my place. I'm indulging my crazy cat lady side this weekend and then will return to my usual topics. You know, sleep and the lack of it and dealing with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners...

  5. Trendsetter...

  6. Yep, he is a cutie....but does he have a blog. My mother has a dog...Nelson who blogs. She has way tooooo much time on her hands:-)

    Haha! Love it!


  7. oooooh, soooo cute. I'm so jealous!

  8. Yes - the Cutest Puppy Ever.

    I tend to turn my nose up at cute in most forms, but demand it of puppies.

  9. samiam8:02 PM

    I knew a little doggie that had a big name, Thor!! And he lived up to that name even tho he was just a little Lhasa-poo.

  10. he is CUTE! LOVE him!

  11. He is absolutely adorable!


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