One day closer to AARP, except I have to really work to retire, right?

I can be such an old lady.

Earlier today, I was in Office Max checking the proof for some invitation I am having printed. I'd emailed the file to the store, and as it turns out, I'd sent the wrong version and there was one teeny bit of text that needed to be tweaked. I asked the young whippersnapper behind the counter if he could switch that out for me.

"I don't know, let's see," he said and then waved the cursor over the screen.

"Nope," he quickly answered.

"How about you...uuuuuummmmmm...click, errrrrrrrr..." I stammered as I pointed towards the monitor.

"Do what?" he asked politely.

"Well, click there. On the "T." To change the text"

He looked at me sympathetically. "I know how to use the program, ma'am. It's just that the document is embedded and thus not able to be changed."

I know that tone of voice. It's the same one I use when my four year-old does something that she thinks is ever so very grown-up, but really is simply adorable and only serves to underscore her sweet youth. The fact is, the guy was probably trying very hard not to laugh at me, the grannie who thought she knew more than the kid who's been using a computer his entire life. And gets paid to use the program about which I was explaining the basics.

I walked out of the store (uphill, in the snow, barefoot in a hairshirt and I was GRATEFUL!) shaking my head and muttering, "Click the T? Click the T? Click the T? Click the T? Click the T?"



  1. Hee. I would have done the same thing, because I always think I know more about computers. I am just obnoxious like that.

  2. Sympathy cringing for you.

  3. ACK!

    I have a AARP bumpersticker on the '83 station wagon sitting in my driveway I could peel off and send you...


  4. Oh I know that voice...I just heard it from our cable company. I hate being treated like a four year old....oh wait, that is how my twins must feel:-)

  5. See now, I would have walked out thinking what an ass-hat he was for patronizing me.

    You must be a much better person than me.

  6. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Well, who would have thought it..Me an old compuer guru, and her daugher being questioned?? Amazing. SamIAm

  7. I learned a new word from Jenk today!

  8. I was told this past summer that I was considered geriatric as a maternity patient.


    I still throw that one around...


  9. You should have just flattened the tires of his car. A kid like that is no competition for a woman with wisdom.

  10. I hate to be called ma'am when I don't think I'm that old. Anyways, sorry about your experience. Maybe you could've asked for a supervisor.

  11. Young whippersnapper probably didn't even have to walk 12 miles to school each day - uphill both ways, in the rain. Kids these days. Sheesh...

  12. Cute post! gotta love those kids...and it actually sounds like he knew what he was talking about...but what do I know being the old non literate computer person I am.

  13. Orthopedic shoes and TED hose should help out with the walking in the snow thing (uphill...)

  14. LOL, I hate those moments. I had them, regret them and realize I will probably have many more. What can I say? Sometimes I just know (or not).

  15. I wouldn't have known enough to even say "click the T" lol.


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