Happy birthday to my brother (and other super important things I've neglected recently)!!!

I have been so out of it it's not even funny. Saturday was a HUGE day for me; I chaired the fundraising auction at my daughter's preschool. Five years ago I wouldn't have known what that meant, but ever since my son started school I've been intimately involved in them, and even chaired one two years ago.

I worked fifteen-plus hours straight on the event Saturday. Twelve hours the three days prior, and it the time commitment dwindles backwards from there (all the way back to when I took on the gig back in August).

Eggs. Ahhh. Sting!

It was a resounding success, and we made tens of thousands for our little cooperative school. I need tens of thousands of hours of sleep to make up for the deficit I've created...and me loves me my sleep.

There are also more irons in the fire for me...I've been doing some home staging for Realtor friends who need a boost in this buyer's market. I'll tell you more about that later, but for now I'll just say that I can't believe people pay me to go into their homes and decorate (I'd do it for free...shhhhhhhhh!).

And (I do know you aren't supposed to start a sentence with "And"...I am so rebellious) there is this exciting new venture:

Who's Fancy? I'm Fancy! I'm an *ahem* Editor (note capitalization); I'll be writing about health and related issues. Might as well make use of that neglected medical degree! It's a great site, and there are other bloggy names that you already know (and if you don't, you're in for a treat) contributing. Come join us! It's a great community.

For now, sleep calls.

But first...Happy Birthday, Bro'. I love you tons! You are The Great.


  1. Hi Christine, guess what I have neglected to do?

    Yes, get back to you re-Neil's interview experiment.

    You still up for doing it? You can email me on (Galahad)(3)at(hotmail).(com)

    All the best

  2. Happy birthday to your brother.

    Congrats on the success...that is such hard work so it is good that you had good results.

    I have two design projects going right now...what is it with us who went to school for years to be medical and all we want to do is decorate and take pictures? Weird. Which is so funny because, shhh I would do it for less. I have always wanted to do staging because it seems more instant gratification which I am totally into. Super cool.

    Congrats on the Blissfully Domestic gig. It is a super cool site.

  3. Wow, sounds like you've been flat out! At least you're doing something really positive and raising oodles of money for your school. Go you!

    Congrats on being an Editor. I'll be sure to pop over and read your articles :)

  4. That is superfantastic about your editing and your fund raising!

    I think the best kind of work is the kind you can't believe you're being paid to do.

  5. Congrats! On everything!

  6. Really? You'll come decorate houses for free? I'm assuming you meant homes for sale and all, but maybe someday I'll sell my house.

    Will you also be willing to spend time with my support group, Socks Without Partners? :)


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