Not a Post-Modernish Post

So, yeah, I haven't posted in DAYS.

I could give you my host of reasons, but really...you know them all.

A glimpse into my internal dialogue:

I've been moving...the unpacking seems endless (YAWN, again with the move. Your readers are OVER that. YOU are over that!).

It's a new school year, our schedules are whack (Yeah, ummmm...it's, fall!).

I don't have my own laptop (AGAIN, YAWN. You are sick of that excuse, how about your readers?)!

How about a throw-away post...you know, one to let them know I'm-thinking-of-you-but-I-am-oh-so-busy. (They will hate you. You will hate you. That isn't you.).

THEN, I thought, I could write that post (which I just did, see above), and then reference it, which would make the post cool, because it would be all post-modern and shit.

But, I wonder, NOW, that I've acknowledged that it's post-modern, how cool am I? Or, not? Does my acknowledging my post-modernism make be uber-post-modern, like how Woody Allen would pull it off, or is it just lame and self-congratulatory?

All I know is I have to hit publish, because my lappy battery is dying.


  1. You're ice, baby.

  2. Anonymous7:56 AM

    You're almost there - a little more angst, a little more whining and you're definitely in the running for a Woody

  3. You are so cool I feel a little nervous about even commenting.

  4. I love the banter in your house! What a fun relationship you must have.

    You'd appreciate my tribute to my husband on his 40th birthday today. Please come over and wish him well!

  5. Meta-Post-Modernism is the coolest kind of post-modernism.


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