Where oh where have I been?

Besides searching for butter beans and moving (AGAIN!)(more on that later)(I'll just say that I LOOOOOVE my new house so much, and man, it feels good to like where you live), I've been up to me knees in the Blissfully Domestic relaunch. And the relaunch boxes are getting all confused with our house moving boxes, and it is confusing me. So I consume coffee, Diet Coke, and vodka. And I feel better.

Come on over and see my Healthy Living Channel at Blissfully Domestic. Be careful not to trip on the boxes there; like I said, we're still moving in. And if you see any of my personal boxes there, will you please send them my way?

Oh, and sorry...these aren't linky pics below. Me too tired. But they are in my sidebar! Cuz that was easy.


  1. You're a brave woman taking on TWO moves at once! So glad to hear that you love your home. Home is one of the most important things to me, and I know how wonderful it is to feel "at home" in your home!

  2. I hate moving but it is SOOOOOO good to be in a new house. I can't wait for pics.

  3. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Moving is difficult and know how it feels because I have moved nine times. Except the last move when i hired professional mover Box . I moved by myself.

  4. Well, glad you found the BEANS! That would be tragic. :)


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