Newsletter: Month Twelve

Dear Watch me! No, watch me!,
Today you are officially ONE YEAR OLD! I am sitting here typing this as you are...well, this. You are so adorable I'd like to eat you up...just nuzzle my chin against your new blogger platform, snuggle against your widgets, sniff your XML.

Has it really been a year, Wmnwm? How can this be? It seems like just yesterday you were conceived as my carbon based offspring hollered at me to Watch them! I guess, Wmnwm, that part of me wanted you to be heard...you in all of your narcissistic, somewhat ignored glory.

Oh, but the day you were born! That was a special day indeed! You came into the blogosphere with a whimper. No meta discussions, just a little vain vignette about my make-up.

The months since you've arrived have been amazing! Your first month was so overwhelming it seems I was unable to write! Yes, but your second month, we discovered this together. Not the best I've ever written, but a vivid memory from my high school years.

Your third month also brought us this, which has oddly been a huge hit with googlers. Who new so many people oozed green stuff, and how many wanted to watch them!

Sweetheart, month five was amazing! Your development was CrAzY! I blogged every few days, and had My First Tag. I also started enjoying ranting, and mama loves her a good rant. Loved seeing the comments top half a dozen that month (they didn't really, but who doesn't fudge baby book stuff?).

Then there was the lamenting of our not going to BlogHer '07. We also resigned ourselves to having to sellthe house we built, the home in which I envisioned my children and grandchildren visiting for the holidays.

Per google hits, my sweet blog, Jimmy McNichol is still quite the draw. Who knew! We also get a lot of google hits that are inappropriate for your tender young ears, darling Wmnwm. Let's just say that people like to watch other people do some very odd things.

Remember this time we were on top of the world (we felt bad for dooce):

Then there was NaBloPoMo. That showed our level of commitment to each other, didn't it, honey? Remember me having to drive to the old house EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK because this new house didn't have internet connection? Remember how lame some of the posts were just so I could fulfill the daily, self imposed obligation? Remember how our comments and stats plummeted? Good times, good times. Actually, though, dear, I am glad we did that even though we never will again...together we documented that move, a time in our family's life whose details would be largely forgotten in the greater blur. You've brought so much to my life, dear blog.

The least of which is not new friends. Actually, without a doubt, the best part of this blogging gig is I have made some real friends. True friends. I've thought about mentioning them specifically, but without a doubt I'd miss a few that I truly care about...and then I'd feel horrible.

I have big plans for our future, baby. Specifics to follow...

Thank you for being a part of my life, Wmnwm.



A couple of weeks ago, I won me some fabulous *BLING* from the Fabulous Mrs. Fussypants. I'd said if I won I'd publish a new photo of me here sportin' the goods. Right before the goods arrived, my digital camera went caput. So I had my son take some photos with my professional camera and it's fancy system; it's old school film. He was all, "Great, that's beautiful! Now, turn your head this way, look over there. PERFECT!"

Let's just say that most didn't turn out the way I'd have liked (okay, pretty much the earrings aren't in focus but my flaws in all their glory are). Here's the best of the crop...see that pretty earring? It's very sparkly and dangly and makes me feel pretty!

If you want some for yourself (and you KNOW you do!), head over to our fellow (mucho generous...I won one pair of earrings, but she sent THREE) blogger Fussy's Etsy shop. She has gorgeous jewelry, and I can tell you that she uses quality stuff. Even my husband said, "Wow!" when I put the earrings in his hand...they have them some heft.


  1. OK, they ARE cute. Now, how 'bout showing the bloggy world you are a total hottie?

    Do I sound like a gross stalker now?

    Ew, sorry.

    But you sure are cute! ;)

  2. Oh happy day for you and Wmnwm! Cute post!

    As for BlogHer...this JULY! See you there!

  3. I want to wish you the biggest HAPPY BIRDLE DAYDLE!! to wmnwm! I celebrate you! I am so happy you were born! you have been a source of great joy and happiness for so many!

  4. congrats! I look forward to seeing what you have to come.

  5. Happy Birthday WMNWM! One year old, that is totally awesome. Cant wait to see what year 2 has in store.


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