Ten interesting things that happened to me at the grocery store yesterday, in no particular order:

1.) The check-out guy teased me for for buying a rag mag and pretended he was going to announce it over the store-wide intercom.

2.) In the parking lot, I saw a girl talking on one of those old cell phones with a curly cord that plugs into the lighter.

3.) I ran into an old neighbor who tried not to look sympathetic about the fact that we sold the dream home we built five years ago and are now renting. I didn't ask if they've met the new owners.

4.) I put Maybelline Great Lash in my cart, and then later put it back on it's hook. I figured I could pay less for it at the adjacent drugstore. I was right.

5.) I found out that Angelina and Brad were making out in a car.

6.) I ran into a Mary Kay rep who's been after me for over five years to let her do a facial for me. She didn't ask this time; I wondered why as I walked away. WHY NOT THIS TIME??? But don't get me wrong, I was relieved to not have to pretend I was interested.

7.) I hummed along to Private Eyes by Hall & Oats.

8.) My arm got sprayed by those unpredictable misters as I reached for some Romaine lettuce.

9.) I saw a sweet elderly couple debating cereal products. They made me happy.

10.) I forgot to buy toilet paper.


  1. I love seeing those old couples in the supermarket. I long for the days when breakfast cereal is the most compelling issue in my life.

  2. what fun.

    I like reading little tidbits about other people's days. It's fun to see the things that stick out to them!

    (ps - I left my entrecard; I signed up too)

  3. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I had a fun encounter in a grocery store over the holidays. A nice man, not quite middle-aged, in the baking products aisle, asked me nicely about vanilla. So I directed him to the real vanilla extract. Farther down the aisle he again asked me about powdered suger, and I turned to him and said "She's making the chocolate frosting recipe from the back of the Hershey's cocoa can, isn't she?" And he said, "Why Yes!"..So then I looked through all his purchases to be sure he had real butter and so forth,(he did). It was really pleasant. Samiam

  4. Where was your camera when you saw the cell phone? That made me laugh really hard.

  5. BA ~ YES. That's why they made me happy.

    Karla ~ thanks for leaving your biz card...it's kinda fun, no?

    Samiam ~ very sweet story. You should be blogging.

    HRH ~ I KNOW! I had to look back a few times to make sure I wasn't imagining things. It was actually pretty cute...being the frugal gal I am now I thought, "Good for YOU!:"

    Who thinks Samiam should blog (*ahem*...can you guess who she is? Hints are in past comments of hers, and I am sure you have nothing better to do than track them down. So just guess).

  6. Sounds like an interesting day at the grocery store! Your post made me smile :)

  7. That was me & brad in the car!

    The mister scare my two youngest. Similar to automatically flushing toilets.

    Serious mental anguish in this house!

  8. Old couples in supermarkets are one of my favorite sights ever.

  9. I was at the supermarket this morning and nothing even the slightest bit interesting happened to me *pout*.

    Of course I was there straight from bringing my son to school at 8am, minutes after they opened, and practically had the place to myself.

  10. Ahh those great clunky old car phones with curly cords, I still have mine somewhere, saved to completely embarrass my kids with when they tell me how unfair it is that they can't have the most recent cell phone on the market :D

  11. Oh, I totally look for the longest line so I can read the mags. Yup. Brangalenia is my fix.

  12. Those misters get me everytime, and I don't think i'll ever get used to that darn thunder. They don't give you enough time to move, so why play it?

  13. Those Mary Kay reps are persistent! I was just telling someone last night to stay away from the free facials unless they wanted to leave with $150 worth of skincare products.


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