If you were a fly on the wall in our house...

...you'd likely hear something along these lines:

Me: Hey, do we have any Diet Coke?

Hubby: Nope!

Me: (bats eyelashes in an exaggerated manner)

Hubby: Fine! (grabs car keys and heads to store)


Hubby: Hon, this cheesecake is delicious.

It's dense, but not too rich.

Me: Hmmmm, kinda like you.

Hubby: (beat) Good one!

Me: I aim to please.


Hubby: Have I seen the staple gun recently?

Me: I have no idea, I still don't have access to your retinas. (taps foot)

Hubby: Oh, yeah...I'll work on that.


Me: Why did I ever marry you, you prick?***

***Okay, I didn't say that one. In fact, my husband suggested I include it here.


  1. lol. Sounds like you have fun! But I get scared when "prick" and "staple gun" are used too close together. ;)

  2. "Dense, but not too rich!"


  3. "I still don't have access to your retinas."

    I am so using this.

  4. LOLLL How funny! Man coupledom is somethin, no?

  5. hahaha. love the cheesecake comment.

  6. Christine, we are soooo on the same level, playing the same game :-)

    LOL :-) Thanks for the view into your world.

    MMMM Diet Coke :-) If hubby wasn't recuperating from hernia surgery, he'd so have to go get me some.

  7. That heavy eye batting gets them every time!

  8. That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time! Aint marriage grand?!


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