Fight the frump, hit the sack

See that new avatar picture over there? You know what I hate about it? The circles under my eyes. Why do I have circles under my eyes?

Because I am tired all too often.

I wake up tired. I slop through my day tired. I look forward to going to bed ALL DAY! And yet...what happens when the kiddies are in bed and I could be crashing as well?

I watch TV.

I read a book.

I do some laundry.

I clean the kitchen.

I blog.

I read blogs.

Before I know it, it's waaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime and I slink to bed, knowing I'll be sorry in the morning. And I always am (although it is nice to wake up to a clean kitchen). So, in honor of fighting those frumpy bags under my eyes, I am going to practice what I preach and vow to get a good night's sleep for one solid week. I'm betting I'll feel so much better -and look better- that I'll sign on for more sleep.

Ooops...forgot to say...for more Fight the Frump tips, visit Fussy!


  1. Oh course I don't need to tell you this, but isn't life so much better when you are well rested?

    I have had circles under my eyes my whole life, whether I get sleep or not. I just saw a plastic surgeon about it. He suggested surgery (of course) but I'm not ready for that at age 42. (I don't want to look like Joan Rivers when I'm 50) so I think I'm going to get Restylane injected in the hollows under my eyes in two weeks. YIKES! I'll let you know how it goes. God help me.

  2. that happens to me too...not enough sleep when I really really need it.

    I like your new pic.

  3. i can totally relate!

    i need to commit to this too...
    next week! lol

    xo ~ K

  4. I do the same thing. That alone time when everyone else is in bed is so precious. I guess I could get up in the morning before everyone else, but so far I haven't managed to do that.

  5. I've had THREE nights of going to bed before ten pm...I feel amazing! My eyes are a bit less puffy, too.

    Jill- can I ask if they are dark circles, or puffy circles? Mine are puffy! And very attractive!

    HRH- glad you like the picture. It totally minimizes my puffy eyes and wrinkles. And fat neck. Did I just admit that?

    Karla- do it! I'm committed to this week! I've been exercising more, too.

  6. Sure, you can think more clearly, and you don't have circles under your eyes, and maybe you wind up eating healthier foods, have lower blood pressure, and better concentration.

    But, really, does any of that make up for the time you get to yourself when everyone else goes to sleep?


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